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Discover where you’ll get details about all you need to know to begin raising chickens on the promising small to medium scale, and discover about chicken processing options too.

1) Introduction 2) What to do for Information 3) Books and Articles 4) Info on small-scale chicken processing

1) Raising chickens is becoming a lot more well-liked by small maqui berry farmers, urban maqui berry farmers, homesteaders, others. So many people are understanding that the main difference between pasture elevated chicken meat and eggs, and individuals from large confinement operations is comparable to the main difference between fresh periodic heirloom tomato plants, and individuals selected eco-friendly, ripened with ethanol, and shipped across the nation.Frozen Chickens

Chickens may also be advantageous in diversified farming operations by assisting to control unwanted pests, supplying an alternate, year-round supply of earnings, and producing high-nitrogen manure for fertilizer.

Curiosity about raising chickens is continuing to grow rapidly within the last couple of years, supported with a resurgent curiosity about heritage breeds, pastured chicken, as well as on-farm processing.

Here’ try to provide a wide range of sources, relevant to small-mid sized maqui berry farmers and hobbyists alike. Below Provided links to websites, magazines, articles, and books about raising chickens and other kinds of chicken, and knowledge about small-scale chicken processing.

2) What to do for Information to begin Raising Chickens

  • Chickens 101 – offers fundamental details about raising chickens, beginning with eggs, coop plans, chicken breeds, and much more.
  • Chicken Breeds List does not just list breeds, his or her name might suggest. Additionally they provide great information and articles on chicken care, breeding, plus much more.
  • Raising Chicken – an info packed site that gives an extensive selection of information and sources regarding every aspect of raising chicken. An excellent place to begin.
  • BackYardChickens.Com – is really a terrific, comprehensive site centered on raising chickens on the small-scale. They have a learning center, links to great forums and discussion boards, coop designs, breed information, along with a great photo gallery.
  • Chicken Production houses all ATTRA’s publications on chicken.
  • Chicken One – offers articles and guides to get began in raising chickens, along with other chicken. The provide great information for that beginner, with a lot of information and sources.
  • A Pastured Chicken Sources Page links to numerous helpful publications, sources, associations and forums.
  • The American Pastured Chicken Producers Association (APPPA) – “Encourages individuals to learn and exchange details about raising chicken on pasture, exchanging techniques, innovations, and advice.”
  • The Town Chicken – “a how do people encourage city folks to go for it into chicken!” Articles, Laws and regulations, Brooding Chicks, Pictures…
  • Backyard Chicken – “The sunday paper focused on ever better small flock chicken.” The also provide a great website with great information, sources, and links.
  • Chicken Crossing Forum – A really active forum with great information and solutions. The website also offers links, photos, a coop gallery, along with a store.
  • Backyard Egg – “[Their] goal would be to collect information associated with raising an outdoor chicken flock, supplying Backyard Egg Enthusiasts everywhere with easy and straightfoward information concerning their pets!”
  • Chickens on Camera is really a fun website with a lot of great info on raising chickens and farm web cameras of chickens in ‘action’.
  • Chicken and Egg Page from Mother Nature News provides extensive information and links.
  • includes details about plants which are toxic to chicken
  • Kerns Chicken Farm includes a great blog about building coops, feeding, and far, a lot more.


3) BOOKS and ARTICLES regarding how to Start Raising Chickens

  • Raising Chicken on Pasture: 10 Years of Success in the American Pastured Chicken Producers Association has over 130 highlighted articles. It’s split into 14 chapters and it is fully indexed for easy reference. The large selection of viewpoints and methods, as well as the APPPA spirit of starry-eyed pragmatism, get this to book unlike every other.
  • Helpful tips for Raising Chickens: Care, Feeding, Facilities by Gail Damerow is really a helpful the American Pastured Chicken Producers Association has over 130 highlighted articles. It’s split into 14 chapters and it is fully indexed for easy reference. The large selection of viewpoints and methods, as well as the APPPA spirit of starry-eyed pragmatism, get this to book unlike every other.
  • Humane and Healthy Chicken Production is really a manual for Organic maqui berry farmers printed by NOFA, compiled by Karma Glos. A little book, but full of information.
  • Pastured Chicken At Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm – Weston Cost Article.
  • Small-Scale Chicken Keeping: Helpful tips for The Opportunity Chicken Production – by Ray Feltwell – Publication Date: October, 1992
  • Raising Chickens For Dummies: by Kimberly Willis & Take advantage of Ludlow – Publication Date: 2009
  • Coping With Chickens: All you need to Know to boost Your personal Backyard Flock – by Jay Rossier – Publication Date: March, 2004
  • Pastured Chicken Profit$: Internet $25,000 in 6 Several weeks on 20 Acres – by Joel Salatin – Publication Date: This summer, 1996
  • Storey’s Highlighted Help guide to Chicken Breeds: Chickens, Ducks, Other poultry, Turkeys, Emus, Guinea Fowl, Ostriches, Partridges, Peafowl, Pheasants, Quails, and Swans – by Carol Ekairus
  • Keep Chickens!: Tending Flocks in Metropolitan areas, Suburbs, along with other Small Spaces – by Barbara Kilarski
  • The Chicken Health Guide: by Gail Damerow
  • Building Chicken Coops: by Gail Damerow

4) Start Raising Chickens – Small-scale Chicken Processing:

a) general information b) mobile processing units c) more information on specific mobile units d) mobile unit videos

a) General Info on Small-scale Chicken Processing:

ATTRA: Small-scale Chicken Processing Information

Killing Chickens in your own home: Would you’re doing so?

b) Listing of Mobile Slaughter Processing Units Presently functioning in america from Cooperative Extension:

  • 1 Chicken Units
  • 2 Steak Units

c) A lot of Specific Chicken Units:

Kentucky Ag. Extension Mobile Chicken Processing Unit

Vermont Mobile Chicken Processing Unit

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (MA) Mobile Chicken Processing Unit

About Equipment for Mobile Chicken Processing Units

d) Mobile Processing Unit Videos from YouTube:

Mobile Chicken Processing Unit Video

NEFSI Mobile Chicken Processing Unit Video

Mobile Unit

Start raising chickens today!


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