Chicken Coop Pen

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What Is A Chicken Coop Pen?

chicken coop pen
chicken coop pen

A chicken coop pen, which is also called a chicken run (this is the more popular term), is a specific area, oftentimes a yard or lawn, where your chickens can run loose and eat worms, bugs and minerals from the ground. It is almost always enclosed within high chicken wire or tall fences to keep potential predators away. Most of the times a chicken coop pen is connected to a chicken coop to ensure that your chickens can go inside and outside whenever they like.

Why Should You Build  A Chicken Coop Pen?

chicken coop run
chicken coop run

Healthy chicken need to go outside and  also need a lot of  of sunshine. You should note that healthy and happy chickens need between 12-14 hrs of daylight. This way they will stay happy and healthy and lay a lot of eggs. And that’s pf course what you want. Hence it’s not a smart move to keep your backyard chickens locked up inside a hen house constantly. This is why creating a chicken coop pen is a wise decision. By having a chicken coop pen or chicken run, your flock of chickens will have the ability to run freely throughout your backyard and will be able to not only get the sunlight they need, but they will also have a lot of exercise.

Chicken Coop Pen – Protect Your Flock!


In case your chicken pen is made properly, it will safeguard the flock from potential predators. Keeping chickens inside a hen house with quick access to some restricted yet free ranged chicken pen is the easiest method to ensure your chickens stay happy and healthy.

Another benefit is that  by letting your chickens run freely through  the chicken run they can use their natural instincts to scratch and search in the soil hoping to locate their daily intake of earthworms along with other minerals that can be found in the earth. A chicken pen will even provide them with the area they require to take a bath within the grime, and (for those who have a couple of roosters inside your flock) participate in small-time chicken fights. This can be pretty entertaining to watch. But do not worry, they will not hurt each other!

Things To Consider Before You Can Start Building Your Chicken Run

Before you start  making a chicken coop pen, you have to consider first what kinds of chickens you’ll be keeping since it can impact your chicken run designs.
If you think that you’ll be raising chickens which are heavy and big, the fence surrounding the chicken run can be lower, because chances of your chicken flying away are low. If this is the case, the chicken pen design is going to be easy and all you need are some wooden posts plus some chicken wire or fencing.

However, if  the size of your chicken flock varies and some of your more compact chickens have a tendency to fly over fences, then you will have to design and construct a chicken coop pen with either closed in wired or netted roof or you will have to construct your pen with through the roof fences.

Do You Know Your Local Laws?

local laws
local laws

Another thing to bear in mind before you are ready to start building your chicken run are the local laws and regulations of chicken keeping. If you reside inside a province or county, raising chickens inside your backyard will most likely not be an issue. If however you intend on raising your chicken flock in an urban area, then you’ve got to seek advice from your town and ask about exactly what the local laws and regulations about keeping chickens inside your yards are. Some laws and regulations permit an acceptable quantity of backyard chickens while other laws and regulations completely forbid the thought of keeping chickens. So make sure you are allowed to keep hens!

Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Chicken Coop Pen

The next phase before building your chicken coop pen would be to select a location that not simply will accomodate you, in the end you’re building the chicken pen inside your backyard, but will accomodate the chickens as well. It is recommended that you construct a chicken run which has quick access towards the hen house, this way all you need to do is open the chicken house. Plus they can certainly go in and out as they wish. When darkenss falls, chickens know where they sleep and they’ll all follow one another inside the coop once they feel it is time to get ready to sleep. When selecting the region for building the chicken coop pen in, be familiar with potential predators close by. You don’t want to construct a chicken pen within an area near potential predators. It isn’t really as dissmisable since you may think for in residential areas, stray felines roam free during the night and throughout your day they’ve been recognized to climb fences and victimize helpless chicken flocks. For individuals living in the USA, you have to also be familiar with foxes, hawks along with other large chicken eating potential predators which will visit your flock during nighttime. So make certain you review the guidelines for building a chicken pen in your city and get also informed about potential predators in your area before letting your chickens free within their pen.

Building A Chicken Coop  – The Ultimate Guide

In case you want first class information on how to build a chicken coop and construct a chicken coop pen, I recommend downloading the ebook “Building A Chicken Coop”  This ebook is definitely the best resource for hen house and chicken run instructions.  You can read review at 150 pdf files: Get Free Woodworking Projects. It will guide you through your entire journey to raising long term healthy chickens inside your backyard and will also reveal the strategies of creating and building the most secure and most convenient chicken run. Learn to keep the chicken pen free of potential predators while using most affordable materials.

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