10 reasons of building chicken coop yorself

  1. You can save yourself a solid-steady amount of money if you build a chicken coop house yourself. Eggs can be very expensive, especially for larger sized families. Think on how often you use eggs. Scrambled eggs? Fried eggs? French toast? German pancake? Cake? Cookies? The list goes on and on. Eggs are used in almost every recipe.
  2. Convenience. I can’t begin to tell you how many trips I’ve made to the grocery store solely for the purpose of purchasing eggs. No more, now that I have a chicken coop of my own. All I have to do is store the eggs from the chicken coop in my fridge, and I’m set.
  3. Building something with your own hands and having it last a long time is a thing of pride. When you gaze upon your backyard, you will smile with admiration as you see the chickens trotting around happily in their well built chicken coop house.
  4. Chickens are well-mannered creatures. Your kids and your kids friends will love to play with them.
  5. Want to go green? Recycle your old food scraps and feed them to your chickens. They’ll eat them, and in return you’ll get free eggs.
  6. Need fertilizer? Chicken waste is a well known excellent fertilizer for many different plants and shrubs. Best thing of all? It’s free.
  7. This one only applies to people that already have chickens, but no chicken coop house. Your chickens aren’t safe! Protect them from both nature’s fury and from wild animals. Plus, they’ll be much happier in their own house.
  8. Animal activists will also enjoy these coops. Some chicken factories cage chickens in cages that are much to small for them. Most chickens can’t even spread their wings out and they sit there all day! That’s no life for a living animal. Chicken coop houses are much more humane for these animals.
  9. Eggs aren’t all the same. I bet you’ve never had the pleasure tasting an egg that was in the chicken all of an hour ago. They are much more delicious than regular eggs.
  10. If you’ve already realized the benefits of chicken coops and were thinking of purchasing one, think again. Pre-built chicken coops are overpriced when you compare them to the amount you spend when you do it yourself. Besides, most pre-built coops take just as much work as from scratch chicken coops.

If you want to build a chicken coop yourself but don’t know how to do it, I recommend this site for you.This site has helped many people build their own chicken coops.

Double-Story Ark Coop

Medium Size Coop

Large Coop with Run

House Coop

Chicken Barn

Portable Chicken Coop

Location perhaps is the most important issue determining success or failure when growing chicken. Selecting the correct place in your backyard can boost the chances of raising chicken profitably. If you pick out the wrong place it may in the long run lead to unhealthy and uneffective chicken. This is why it’s important to build your chicken coop in the best possible position.

You will typically be rewarded with happier and healthier chickens if you take some time to think before constructing your coop . In this commentary we will talk about the most critical items that should be taken into consideration when determining the ideal location. There are certainly additional items, but air flow, water accessibility and water drainage, are the most important.

Poor drainage can cause many problems. At whatever time the ground becomes wet the water will drain and disappear into the ground or puddle up and turn the ground to mud. Proper water drainage keeps the soil drier and less mud-covered. Muddles of water combined with chicken dung are a quick method of producing disease. The chicken will rapidly track that mixture everywhere, including into the poultry housing where the feeders, waterers, and nest boxes are located. The food and water can get polluted and the eggs will become soiled. Choosing a site with superior water drainage will remove most pollution problems.

The direction of the wind blows is another important issue that needs to be considered when determining the ideal position for your coop. Your coop is better built in a position that wind would not blow the odors from the coop to your house or your neighbors. Having dissatisfied neighbors is not what you want. And nice air flow will get rid of potentially injurious and unpleasant odors in the chicken housing area.

Position your coop in a place where expansion is possible. You may want to keep 5 to 7 chickens now but you may want to keep more in the future.If there is no room for expansion, you will have to build a different coop in another position.This would cost you more time and money.

Your location should be near water and electricity supply. Without a close water supply you may possibly end up toting heavy water fountains back and forth every day merely to make available sanitary water for your chickens. Automatic watering is possible with a nearby water faucet which will also eliminate much manual labor. As a bonus, water will certainly make any essential cleaning activities less trouble.

Artificial lighting is required if you would like your hens to supply you with eggs the whole year. Pullets must be provided a minimum quantity of light per day to lay eggs dependably. Make sure there is electricity supply in the region of your coop.

In freezing climates where the winters are harsh, poultry coops should be facing south. This will provide the utmost sunlight, keeping the chickens warmer. The additional rays from the sun will also keep the housing drier and cleaner. Take a little time to think about these things previous to deciding on a permanent spot and you will considerably boost the possibility of success.

In cold winter your coop should face south.This will provide maximum sunlight to keep the chicken warm.The sunlight will also keep the coop dry and clean.Think about all these things before building a chicken coop will increase the success rate of raising chicken.