Build A Chicken Coop Quickly And Easily

There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect chicken coop plans, and they are not all about wood, nails and hammer. It is very important to look at these details before proceeding to building a chicken coop. You want to make sure that everything is perfect for your chickens when you set up your chicken coops.

Tip #1: The Size Of Your Chicken Coop Matters

A picture of portable chicken coop plans with measurements and diagrams.One of the first things to consider is the size of the coop. You want your chickens to be as comfortable as possible, and size matters a lot in comfort. However, you also have to watch out for coop designs that are too large, because the tendency in that your chickens will run around the coop, resulting in thinner chickens.

On the other hand, coops that are too small are not healthy for your poultry because they will tend to be crowded, which is not good for their hygiene. You have to balance the size of your chicken coop with how many chickens you plan to keep.

More Tips For Selecting The Best Plans

The best plans are those that come with techniques that help you minimize your effort and save time. For example, there are some coops that have slanted flooring, so that it is easier for the chicken dirt to slide away from their living spaces. It also makes it easier for you to clean their housing.

Experts will tell you all about the mistakes in building a chicken coop from the types of materials used, the structure of the coop, and the elevation from the ground. Aside from looking at coop designs, another essential factor of consideration is the location of your hen house. Choosing the correct location will have a significant effect on the health and well being of your chickens, and the frequency at which they lay eggs. One good tip you have to remember is to place the coop in moderate sunlight.

Chickens need plenty of light, but be sure that the light is not from direct sunlight. Otherwise, your chickens can die of dehydration and overheating. Direct sunlight on your chicken coop will also affect the eggs they lay. Choose an area with enough amount of space that will make it easier for you to clean the place.

How Much Do Coop Plans Cost?

Chicken coop plans are going to cost you something between $30 to $40. They are cheap, and ideally easy to build. However, there are some chicken coop plans that will cost you up to $1000. These are the ones that are pre-built. For this reason, many people choose building a chicken coop with their own plans over buying one. These plans are fairly simple and does not require a lot of engineering or rocket science knowledge.

The cost of your plans will also depend on the type of material you will use when you are building a chicken coop. You do not need very expensive materials for your coop. In fact, the best chicken coop plans are those that really help you minimize the costs of building the hen house. You can use recycled materials such as old roofing, scrap metals and lumber, and other stocks you have at home or in your garage.

If you are interested in building your own chicken coop, I recommend you take a look at these two comprehensive guides:

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Design and Appearance Tips

This is a double story ark coop which houses more chickens than other coops.Okay, your chickens do not care about what color and shape of the house they will live in, but some of your house guests will. You do not want to build an eyesore right in front of your house or in your backyard. You have to consider the design of the coop when you are choosing chicken coop plans. You have to think of how your coop will blend with the rest of its surroundings, including your house. Consider painting the roofing and the walls of your chicken coop to match the house and the surrounding area. You do not want your chicken coop to become a distraction that stands out in your home.

Another practical advice when you are building a chicken coop is to have the doors of the coop swinging inwards towards the chickens, and not outwards. This eliminates the possibility of your chickens from escaping at night and making a racket of a noise on your windowpane. This also prevents animals from killing your precious poultry. Cats and other animals like to harass chickens if they are given the chance.

Where To Find The Best Plans

You can find plans online easily. The best chicken coop plans are those that have instructions for proper ventilation, ample light source, and the convenience of water sources for your chickens. This includes the placement of your feeders, and how these things are placed for easy cleanup.

There are many websites that offer plans that teach you how to build a chicken coop. The advantage here is that you can choose your own material based on the plans. Wood is the cheapest material you can use for the plans, which is why many chicken coop plans recommend using wood.

Here’s 2 sections I found that offer coop plans online:

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There are also woodworking plans that offer a range of projects including chicken coops. The advantage of woodworking plans is that you do not only get plans for chicken coops, you also get other woodworking plans for your home and outdoors. These include benches, picnic tables, cabinets, beds frames, and so much more. However, if you want chicken coop plans alone, you can just download the plans from the Internet. On the average, these plans will only cost you $30, that is on top of the materials you still need to purchase to build the chicken coop.

Finding The Best Coop Plans Summary

Overall, the best plans are those that help you save. They are also practical in design in terms of protection for your chickens, and easing your cleaning. There are many designs and layouts available on the Internet. Compare prices per plan, and consider the costs of the materials to be used for each plan before you actually buy your chicken coop plans.

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