Are hormones or steroids put into chicken?

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Some chicken you purchase might be labeled “Raised without hormones” yet others might not, but all chicken you purchase is freed from added or artificial hormones and steroids. Actually, federal rules stop using added hormones and steroids in most chicken. The chicken that’s labeled “Raised without hormones” should also incorporate a statement stating that no hormones are utilized in producing any chicken elevated within the U . s . States.

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Why are modern chickens larger than individuals of history? Modern farming techniques! From the first day, chickens receive a much better start than in the past – through advanced feeding and housing, good breeding, and shut communication with veterinarians in their lives, chicken maqui berry farmers are raising bigger, healthier wild birds than in the past.

Broiler chicken mortality minute rates are less than ever because today’s wild birds are healthier and looked after. Factors from how feed is formulated towards the temperature as well as lighting within the houses make sure that chickens haven’t just the best start however the best finish we could offer the customer.

Hormones, Steroids & Antibiotics in Chickens

Hormones & Steroids

Australia has probably the most efficient chicken meat producing and processing industries on the planet, but you may still find many misconceptions by what has brought to some bigger and plumper chicken than twenty years ago. No hormones or steroids are given or else administered to chicken around australia. Lenard’s is just provided chicken from Australian based companies, selling 100% Australian chicken.

By regulation, no hormones or steroids are administered to chickens under any circumstance. Unlike urban legend, the administration of hormones to chickens in Australia and round the world continues to be illegal for more than 4 decades. The government’s National Residue Survey regularly tests meat to verify that hormones aren’t used. Advertising that claims ‘no added hormones’ isn’t differentiating its product, but rather stating a business-wide regulation.


Chicken meat created around australia is nutritious, and eating it doesn’t expose customers to either antibiotic residues, or bacteria resistant against antibiotics utilized in human medicine. It is because, first of all, antibiotics are utilized in a manner that ensures the meat is freed from residues. Withholding periods, made to ensure there’s no residue left within the meat during the time of processing, are observed whatsoever occasions.

Next, antibiotics are utilized inside a prudent method to minimise the introduction of resistance. It ought to be noted that any bacteria which can be on raw meat, whether resistant against antibiotics or otherwise, are wiped out through normal cooking. The Australian Chicken Meat Federation endorses using antibiotics in chickens in 2 important ways.

  1. Therapeutic agents – accustomed to treat microbial infection.
  2. Preventative agents – accustomed to prevent disease occurring in healthy creatures.

Antibiotic use generally occurs once other management strategies happen to be unsuccessful. The wild birds are inspected by vets pre and post antibiotic administration along with a withholding period is enforced just before processing individuals chickens administered with antibiotics. Only antibiotics assessed and approved to be used within the animals industries through the National Medical and health Research Council and also the National Registration Authority are utilized.

Chicken Meat Federations Consumer Information Line

The Chicken Meat Federation’s Consumer Information Line – Chook Infoline – started in the year 2006 to assist answer consumer questions regarding chicken meat and also the chicken meat industry around australia. The Chook Infoline aims to deal with a few of the myths and misconceptions about how exactly chickens are elevated around australia – with solutions provided inside a convenient and contemporary way.

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This really is using the industry’s try to be completely open about its practices, because it partcipates in world ‘best practice’ for that raising, growing and processing of chickens. 1300 4 CHOOKs (1300 424 665) can be obtained from 9am – 5pm EST and it is clarified by specifically trained operators. Callers can also be supplied with industry policies on important issues like antibiotics or GM feed.

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