Diy wichita cabin chicken house

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I’ve come across a variety of chicken house designs previously which one must be up there within the listing of my personal favorite ones

I truly love its rustic cabin look. It is built to house no more than 5 egg lounging hens, with quick access to nesting boxes, home windows in addition to well ventilated and predator proof. A grownup is even in a position to fully stand up straight within this one.

Diy wichita cabin chicken house hardware cloth     

    shovel or

    • 8′ 2×4 wall studs
    • 10′ 2×6’s for base
    • 12′ 2×4’s for roof

Diy wichita cabin chicken house The coop

  • 1×6 shiplap boards
  • 1″ flat boards
  • 1/2″ plywood board
  • metal roofing sheets
  • wood screws
  • wood glue
  • cordless drill
  • skill saw
  • sawhorses
  • tape-measure
  • level
  • flat paving gemstones
  • deck stain paint
  • galvanized hardware cloth
  • shovel or spade
  • clamps
  • framing square

Obvious the area inside your backyard where you need to construct your coop. Its measurements are roughly about 5′ x 10′ for that base. The very first layer of paving stone for that foundation is hidden advantage on to have them flat and stop predators like racoons from digging to your coop. The coop sits around the second layer of paving stone.

The frame is made after which stained with deck paint. The galvanized hardware cloth can be used for that mesh because it is more powerful than other meshes.For simple drainage the ground is sloping in the to the leading. The metal roofing installed within the plywood for enables for strength, insulation as well as helps you to weigh lower the rooftop.

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wichita cabin coop
wichita cabin coop

DIY Wichita Chicken House Plans

DIY Wichita Chicken House Plans
DIY Wichita Chicken House Plans


My Wichita Cabin Coop Chicken Coop TOUR


Anyo Nes Mirked: Very nice 👍👍

Ashish Mathew: I have a construction/structural question that may sound dumb. How do you secure the pressure treated studs (base framing) to the foundation/concrete?

Jose Guevara: Where did you get the plans for the coop. I like the idea of the 4×8 size.

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2 comments on “Diy wichita cabin chicken house

  1. How well did the predator prevention measures you took work out? Rodents are my number one concern in getting chickens.

    • Noel Gomez Thanks for the question. After 2 years, I have not had a noticeable problems. I call it Fort Knox. A mouse can still find its way into the run—probably the crack around the door. However, nothing larger that I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen signs of anything in the hen house. The buried screen is intended to prevent larger predators such as fox, raccoon, fisher cat, ground squirrel, etc. from burrowing under. Every night, I also store my hanging feeder in a small garbage can so no food is left out in the run.

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