Chicken Coop Predators

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Chicken Coop Predators
Chicken Coop Predators

Anyone and anything that can harm the chicken is a chicken coop predator. This can be any animal or even humans who can pose the threat to the chickens in any form. A chicken is a very delicate animal that can be harmed easily by even smaller animals including dogs, wolves etc. The animals can harm the chickens at night or even at the day time. So, erecting a proper fence that is wired nicely and is of enough height is a necessity to provide these beautiful creatures protection to a great extent if not completely.

Some animals that are considered to be the most common of all the chicken coop predators and can pose a threat to these most simply grown form of livestock include animals like;

Chicken Coop Predators

Cats – Cats which are bigger, that is not the kittens are potential threat to the chickens. As they have short legs they can jump from great heights easily and are also very cunning especially when hunting for their food, their prey.

Chicken Coop Predators Coyote

Coyote – Animals that are most active at night are also included among the most common predators of chicken coop that they primarily prey on. Trapping them is the most common way of protecting your birds from these so, always try to construct a chicken coop that is coyote proof.

Chicken Coop Predators Dogs

Dogs – Dogs of any breed, including those stray, homeless dogs are also among the most common predators of a chicken coop. Being very active, these can although not jump through a heightened fence so you can protect the chickens from them by erecting a tall fence.

Chicken Coop Predators Fox

Fox – Being very active, quick and skilful hunters, they can very easily trap their preys like mouse, rabbits and even poultry birds including chickens. Mostly nocturnal hunters, they can even prey on chickens at the daytime, so, always make a coop that can keep away these cunning hunters.

Chicken Coop Predators Hawk

Hawk – Carnivores that are strong and posses a hooked beak with sharp claws can easily see their prey from a very long distance; they usually kill their prey with the claws and tear it into pieces which makes them easy to eat it.

So, all the animals mentioned above and many others depending upon the area where the chicken coop is are all potential threats for the well-being and life of the chickens. Try to construct a coop that can protect the chickens living inside it from every single threat that can cause harm to these delicate creatures in any form, whether big or small.

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