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We’re blowing up within this 4th ride from the Krewe of Coops, featuring a dozen types of coops from customers who’ve modified The Garden Coop walk-in chicken house design to build bigger, wider, much deeper, taller. Enjoy the parade!

Coop 1: Ashley and Family’s Garden Coop “Limo” with Exterior Nest Boxes, Arkansas

“This was the very first project available for my spouse and i, and i’m so pleased with the way it switched out. We absolutely couldn’t did this without your plans or perhaps your additional help and solutions to my questions. I purchased your hardware package out of your website, and i believe despite our extension the only real factor I needed to buy any other of were two corner braces and additional hinges and clasps for that exterior nest boxes. I really needed to make very couple of changes towards the plans to be able to extend it.”

Walk-in chicken coop from plans

Nesting boxes for chicken coop

You can observe more photos of Ashley’s coop develop her blog here.

Coop 2: Jess’s Garden Coop with Two Hen Houses, Taunton, Massachusetts

“The second chicken house will function as a brooder in order to introduce new wild birds to my flock. My women the opportunity every single day, so how big the run wasn’t a problem.Inches

Garden Coop with Two Hen Houses

Coop 3: Andy’s Taller Garden Coop, Chico, California

“I really enjoyed building this coop. Didn’t have done any framing before. Only changes were making it nine inches taller and adding the galvanized metal roof, cedar plank fence board siding, used window, front porch. Incidentally, if I needed to get it done once again, I’d purchase your hardware package. I purchased my hardware in your own home Depot, also it was exactly the same cost, otherwise a bit more.Inches

Tall chicken coop from plans

Andy built The Garden Coop chicken coop nine inches taller

Coop 4: Gerrit’s Garden Coop-in-Shed, Washington Condition

Gerrit built his Garden Coop into a current shed, then added some awesome features, just like a two-tiered rainwater catchment system to supply water towards the chickens and direct overflow towards the yard.

Garden Coop built into an existing shed

Chicken coop from plans built into shed

Hen House inside shed

Bucket watering system to water chickens with rain water

Coop 5: Karen’s Garden Coop with Extended Chicken House, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I enlarged the coop to around 8 ft by 10 ft. There is storage underneath the 4 nest boxes. So we slide plexiglass within the roof and cutouts within the home windows in rainwater and also to hold within the heat.”


Karen built her Garden Coop chicken coop a few feet deeper and added a larger hen house

Coop 6: Peter and Kristin’s Split-Level Chicken House, Seattle, Washington

“To accommodate the slope in our lot, we built a split-level chicken house with two 8′x8′ roofs more than a 7′ tall, 6′ lengthy henhouse along with a 6.5′ tall, 7.5′ lengthy run. Kristin found details about the ‘poop hammock’ online, and also the design she created for your — canvas thrown on PVC pipes — continues to be extremely effective for catching the majority of their nocturnal output, and it is real simple for us to clean from the poop every few days, hose from the residue, and air-dry inside a couple of hrs.”

Split-level chicken coop in Seattle

Canvas hammock to catch and collect chicken poop

Coop 7: Janet’s “Gizzard Gulag” with Flower Box and Squirrel House, Boise, Idaho

“I love the coop, lots of space in my four hens. The instructions were very obvious. Best yet, you were readily available when questions sprang up. If you recall, I had been the mathematics-challenged woman who couldn’t work out how many roof panels to buy using the extended design. After one email exchange, I had been off and running.”

Janet used The Garden Coop plans and modified the design to build this large backyard chicken coop

Janet built a flower box to decorate the front of her chicken coop.

Squirrel house on the chicken coop

Coop 8: Jessica’s Expanded Garden Coop with Side Door, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

“We made it happen! We”re thrilled using the design. We designed a couple of changes — managed to get little bigger and used some found objects for hen boxes. Thanks! ”

Jessica used The Garden Coop chicken coop plans to customize this large backyard coop

Jessica and family used The Garden Coop plans to build this large backyard chicken coop

Coop 9: David’s Chicken and Guinea Fowl House, North Carolina

“Just desired to say how pleased I’m with my Garden Coop! My five chickens and 4 guineas make it their happy home for 8 several weeks now. The dirt floor is included with deep pine nick litter. The coop floor is FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic — great stuff) as well as deep litter. Roof is leftover metal roofing from the house. Because the construction progressed, I acquired more creative and strayed in the plans more. Lots of good access with hanging doorways inside and outside is essential. I lay a sheet of rigid foam insulation within the ceiling from the coop if this (rarely) will get cold within seaside New York.”

Celebrating a chicken coop well done

David added large doors so he could access all corners of the expanded hen house

North Carolina chicken coop from plans

Coop 10: Dan and Rachel’s Large Garden Coop, Redding, California

“The women are LOVIN’ Your Garden Coop! The plans provided the right platform to begin building and obtain just a little creative.”

Large backyard chicken coop modification from plans

A view inside the henhouse of large California Garden Coop chicken coop

Coop 11: Richard’s Garden Coop with Two Hen Houses, Nevada, Texas

“In to accommodate our ladies, I made the decision to create two roosting/egg lounging areas. I intend to build some roosting bars in the centre position for sleeping in addition to installing a computerized waterer linked to a rain collector in the roof.”

Richard added a second henhouse to his Garden Coop chicken coop design

Coop 12: Cole’s Garden Coop Multiplex, Shreveport, Louisiana

I possibly could hardly believe Cole as he explained that he’d used our intends to build this coop. It must function as the largest Garden Coop yet, and also the perfect someone to complete this publish. . .

“I obtained a 18 x 20 carport and built five coops underneath at our farm. I made use of Yellawood for that frame. Basically, I could build four Garden Coops each and every corner and something lengthy Garden Coop in the centre. Along side it coops are pretty near to the original design, roughly 10 foot deep and 6 ft wide. The main one in the centre is 6 foot wide and 20 foot deep. I’m happy with the actual way it switched out.”

View of Cole

Cole built a very large chicken coop using The Garden Coop plans

Cole joined five Garden Coops beneath a large carport canopy

A large because of all who shared their pictures and concepts for this 4th ride from the Krewe of Coops. Like what they’ve completed with their coops? Possess a personal favorite? Tell us having a comment below.

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