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Chicken Housing: Everything you need to know about chicken coop designs for the best coops

Exactly what do I want within my coop?

Chicken Housing: All you need to learn about chicken house designs to find the best coops.

Get all of the details about coops within this FREE guide

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OK, so you are receiving prepared to start your chicken adventure and want chicken housing… or perhaps your current coop isn’t meeting your flock’s needs… or you want to take a look at modifications for your existing coop.

Whatever the reason for researching chicken housing, you’ve certainly come right place. At Countryside Network, we’re chicken experts, so we love our chickens! Actually, we’re so focused on getting the very best coops, we’ve written an entire guide for novices — from the to Z — and we’re passing on away FREE.

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This is actually the ultimate beginner’s help guide to chicken housing! Countryside Network publishes both Countryside & Small Stock Journal and Backyard Chicken, which means you know we have expertise you are able to depend on. Plus, we all know precisely what questions you've, so we respond to them all within this free guide!

Beginning on your own with chicken house designs

This informative guide is presented in straightforward language — no jargon! Plus, it delivers all the basics. We authored Chicken Housing: All you need to learn about chicken house designs to find the best coops to assist you…

  • Discover the intricacies of certain coop designs
  • Uncover building a coop to maintain your flock happy, healthy, productive and fun
  • Benefit from the fruits of the labors in eggs and reassurance
  • Select the right chicken house design for your requirements and preferences, anything they are
  • Become a specialist around the best coop designs for the flock, regardless of what your height of previous experience

In a nutshell, the initial step for you to get an excellent coop would be to download this FREE guide at this time!

We begin at the start: Just how much will you need to invest in your chicken housing? This informative guide contains plans for many chicken house designs… one of these could be designed for about $200!

Are you currently concerned about letting your chickens out each morning or closing them in during the night whenever you aren’t there? Because our chicken experts have observed exactly the same worry, they let you know that the very best coops ought to be outfitted by having an automatic chicken door. They share suggestions about what’s vital that you consider when selecting a computerized chicken door for the coop.


Coop Designs and much more

Get every detail within this FREE Special Report, Chicken Housing: All you need to learn about chicken house designs to find the best coops.

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Then there’s the nesting boxes — it isn't as hard as you may expect! There are lots of things to consider when thinking about nesting boxes. This informative guide walks you thru the choice making process while offering a number of options for them… including building your personal in only 3 easy steps.

Quite simply, it's not necessary to test out just one factor – just look at this free coop guide and obtain everything right the very first time!

The perfect quantity of coop information

If you are searching the web for chicken housing, you’ve most likely observed that there’s almost an excessive amount of information available. Different recommendations for chicken house designs, theories about nesting boxes and roosting bars, and vague generalities about cost.

This informative guide differs: We separate the great in the bad, disregard the in-between and create it for you straight. For example, there are many theories around the best coops, however this guide sticks with one: Chicken housing is only a structure that provides your flock shelter from weather and predators. Whichever from the chicken house designs you select, there's a couple of fundamental what exactly you need to think about: space, location, lighting, ventilation, flooring, nests, roosts, and doorways. Once they are determined, the very best coops are individuals which make you and your flock happy!

Eventually you may be comfortable experimenting by yourself, but there’s you don't need to when you are a novice, should you read our guide!

Simply to make certain you have the image, here’s just what the guide shows you, all for the reason that same practical, specific language:

  • What you ought to consider before selecting your chicken housing
  • Building a chicken house
  • The significance of nesting boxes and the best way to construct your own
  • Benefits and drawbacks of heating your coop
  • Selecting a roosting bar which makes your chickens happy

You receive awesome coop ideas, in the most sophisticated towards the easy and practical. You receive advice on roosting bars, nesting boxes and automatic chicken doorways.

Quite simply — why wouldn’t you look at this free guide before getting began modifying or building your coop?

Complete chicken housing confidence in 26 pages

Yep, that’s precisely what you want to provide you with with this particular free guide: Complete confidence. It'll just take you half an hour approximately to see it, but you'll have all of the basics and more, helping you save time, money and aggravation lower the street. Even when you’ve i never thought about chicken housing before, you will be completely prepared, prepared to tackle this latest adventure — and really appreciate it, rather of losing sleep regarding this!




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huggstaff13: Same way I get my kids to do what I want… Bribe them!! Ha!

TexasPrepper2: Herd Dat

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1HappyCountryMOM: such pretty girls!

Leo Waisanen: I count twelve.

maria carrasquillo: what kind of chicken breed?

TexasPrepper2: In this video, they were Barred Rock (black and white checkered)\nI don't have them anymore

Madi22 😛: They look like buff Orpington

Erin Marks: Which chicken breed is the best egg layer? I'm looking for one that lays brown eggs, and lays about 4-5 eggs a week

TexasPrepper2: Black Australorp are the record winner\nBard Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sex Link… all are good

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