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(Edit 1/8/14 – Wow! I simply observed a significant spike in visitors to this web site publish from a couple homesteading and prepping sites. Very awesome! Welcome all!


I recieve lots of questions regarding plans and construction details, so once you go over the images within this 4-part series please check out the next video for additional build info: Chicken House Construction Info. Among the referring sites signifies that it is really an affordable coop, that is really funny in my experience. It had been really quite costly to construct…near to $2000. Hardware cloth ain’t cheap. But maybe you will get ideas for any coop that may be designed for less.

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The chicken house continues to be being built just for more than a month now but work continues to be going very gradually because of numerous of rain, and my busy time-table. But here is how it appears currently. (The mix bracing is temporary and can come lower after i install the siding.)

The muse for the style of this coop originated from the Wichita Cabin Coop. I am making several design changes, however the overall concept is identical.

An order of construction went:

  1. Set posts
  2. Build roof (obvious Suntuf panels)
  3. Bury border pavers (to bar digging predators)
  4. Install base boards
  5. Install brick patio (so tired of the rain and dirt – I desired somewhere dry and firm to face)
  6. Lay 1/2″ hardware cloth around other 3 edges (and to prevent digging) and spread river rock
  7. Frame the chicken house and nest box
  8. Begin siding and floor (present condition)

Resourse: http://tinkeringlab.blogspot.com/2011/03/

Chicken coop project part 1


Zolee chch: too much talk

Tom Mack: wow. got to use screws dude!

Kaleb ruger: thank you survival man, I built a chicken coop for my backyard with this design and your video’s as a guide. just some minor differences. but thanks couldn’t of done it without you. good video,s

Nergiz A-zade: boring

N Kel: with that mayberry voice…I guess you are south of the mason Dixon. so whatworks  for you may not work for upper Minnesota: gotta point that out for others who think drafts are not a problem.

Miniya Smith: You need to stop talking

Miniya Smith: N Kel

RK Vlogs: HI. I like your video and I will start building my frame soon. What size of nails or screws did you use?

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