What exactly are some negative facets of raising chickens inside your backyard?

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What exactly are some negative facets of raising chickens inside your backyard? - quora our go
What I’d increase the other solutions is that this: If you’re raising chickens for that eggs, you need to know that they’ll only lay eggs consistently for 3 or 4 years, but live a minimum of two times that. You have to either be ready to take care of “pet” chickens that rarely/never lay eggs and have an agenda to exchange individuals hens having a more youthful flock. By “replace,” I am talking about butcher.

4 year old hens aren’t great for eating any longer, but may be used to create a lovely stock. If you cannot butcher a hen and do not know anybody who are able to get it done for you personally (my husband’s cousin is our go-to chicken processor), you need to intend on maintaining your hens as pets or don’t get them whatsoever.

Also, when you purchase chickens, normally they’re youthful. The majority of the chickens available around here early in the year are just 72 hours old. You might be able to find hens which are several days old, but they’ll become more costly (over $20 each instead of a couple of dollars per small chick). Chicks have to be stored inside having a heat lamp for many days prior to being gone to live in a coop.

The noise of the rooster can be quite irritating. Occasionally, zoning laws and regulations may give you a particular quantity of hens but no roosters. Check up on this before getting your wild birds. With chicks, it’s not easy to inform male from female, if you can’t possess a rooster you might want to begin with a kind of chicken known as “sex links.” This can be a mix between two breeds and also the resulting chicks may have different appearances if they’re man or woman. There exists a small coop with simply room for four chickens and zoning laws and regulations that stop roosters. Hesitant to risk winding up with a single rooster, we chosen sex link chicks.

Taking care of the chickens isn’t difficult when you are ready having a secure coop and discover a a little by what chickens need and how to approach the most typical problems. We have not had issues with cats or dogs, but our chickens have been in a specific run whenever we aren’t in the yard together and our neighbors don’t appear to possess dogs running around freely.

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The $1,000 Chicken Egg


Red-Head-Ranch: Yes it is!! It is call delayed gratification. This is why most people don’t start anything. I have though about the same thing with my Apple, Peach, and Plum trees. The first Peach was the best $75 peach I had ever had. With the cost of the trees, planter boxes, dirt, water, it does cost a lot to get started, but 10 years from now when we have tons of apples growing on the trees, 100 of jars of peaches can each year, and plums and plum jelly to give to our friends or trade. We will have made money on our investments. \n\nWell live in a world where everyone wants it now at no cost to them. So you enjoy that $1000 egg, because I know the road that you are on will pay out ten fold. – Jeff

Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living: Thanks Jeff. We couldn’t agree more!

Noble Homestead: Awww, yeah, CONGRATS!!! That is better than the finest caviar, and worth every penny!! It’s so funny that you did this vid, Ray and I just figured out last week that our chickens would have to lay for five years in order to break even! I LOVE IT ANYWAY  The eggs are DELICIOUS, and GOOD for you, we get free fertilizer, the chicken are really good listeners, and one of my “surprise” roosters might as well be my puppy dog! It’s so much fun!! I am so happy for you guys

Eric Ostlie: Interjection from a young / old farm boy. Had me a Rooster “Puppy” once loved him and petted him too. He even came when I called his name “Ole. Only problem was”, we had two geese that hated his butt and would scare him! Good times growing up on the farm.

Wild big World: Noble Homestead I

Judy Homesteader: Always exciting to get that first egg!

equarg: Judy Homesteader \nI just got 4 young adult hens and a rooster 24 hours ago.\n3 hours ago I got my first egg.\nSo my first egg cost me about 500 bucks.\nMan it tasted good!

l hoov: Yay for the 1st egg!  Looking forward to the day we finally get chickens :-).  Thank you for sharing!

Prepper Potpourri: Fantastic video!

Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living: Thanks for watching


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