Choosing the proper chicken breeds for you personally

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You will find countless chicken breeds available – how can you narrow it lower towards the perfect chicken?

With so many unique breeds of chickens to choose from, how do you pick the best ones for you?

The very first factor to think about is the climate.  Do you’ve cold winters? Heavier breeds that may generate more body heat like Austrolorps, Cochins, Brahmas, Orpingtons & Wyandottes are great choices.  In cold temperature climates additionally you would fare better selecting chickens which have smaller sized combs & wattles.  The smaller sized the comb, the less susceptible it will likely be to frostbite.  Do you reside in a warmer climate?  Bantams do better in warmer weather, and a few of the “slimmer” kinds of chickens like Campines & the Egyptian Fayoumi could work best with you.

The following indicate consider is egg color and size.  Many people enjoy having a uniform turn to all of their eggs and a few like all kinds.  Did youThe question of aging hens know you are able to tell what color egg a chicken will lay by searching at it’s earlobes?  In general, chickens with white-colored earlobes lay white-colored eggs and chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs.  White egg layers also tend to be loving toward heat, and brown egg layers more loving toward the cold.  Some healthy choices for white-colored egg layers are Polish and Leghorns.  For brown eggs, Orpingtons & Plymouth Rocks are extremely reliable egg layers.  Add some variety for your egg basket with a “chocolate” layer (brownish eggs) with Marans or Welsummers.   Ameraucana and Easter time Egger chickens can definitely then add color for your egg basket, lounging eggs in colors that fluctuate from light blue to pink to eco-friendly.  Chicken eggs can are also available in size from extra promising small to huge.  If you love to bake, most recipes demand large eggs and taking advantage of another size can mess up the recipe, however for scrambled eggs and omelets how big the egg makes no difference whatsoever.

Lastly, you have to choose which is more important – ornamental, rare wild birds or reliable egg layers?  I enjoy having a varied flock.  Some hens are star egg layers, some barely lead on the bottom, but they are so gorgeous I do not even care!   You’ll have a beautiful, curly feathered Frizzle but you’ll most likely only obtain a couple eggs per week from her, or possess the less flashy Rhode Island Red and reliably get 5-6 eggs per week.


With my first number of chickens I acquired whatever breeds my local feed store had.  The bonus to that particular situation was they were ok suitable for my climate.  They counseled me great egg layers, although not the fanciest wild birds on the market.  When we expanded our flock, we switched to catalog shopping hatcheries to obtain a much wider choice of breeds.  We have purchased from My Pet Chicken with great outcomes.  They actually have a breed selection tool that will help you discover the perfect chicken.  You can try them out on this link.


Chickens What Breeds are Best


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What if I told u not to read my name: Caleb Christensen u right

Aliyu l Aliyu: lovely video what chicken did i see behind you in the video, i want to breed large meat chicken at the moment i have sussex and rhode island red what do u suggest pls

Aliyu l Aliyu: i live in northern part of Nigeria the climate is mostly hot 35 to 45% from june to sept and 18 to 25 nov to march im raising them at my farm few kilo meters away from my home

cosmicpeachris: Aliyu l Aliyu Rhode islands are pretty good egglayers


Chad The Walrus: very good video. thanks

SLFYSH: You have a good point here regarding the Cornish cross. However, I consider two reasons to not desire a the cornish, and am sure a lot of the hesitation comes from the fact that this bird has sometimes been known to grow so fast and so heavy in the breast as to very unnaturally not be able to support it's own body weight and have its bones break under the weight. Also, they have a reputation for helpless stupidity compared to other birds who are far superior foragers and consume far less feed, but likely don't get as large. Likewise I believe breeding dog breeds which wouldn't be viable in the wild due to an inability to mate without artificial insemination, walk without pain since turned in legs was purposely bred in to reduce tendency to wander, be prone to heart and respiratory problems like some bull dogs and other breeds is wrong since it propagates suffering of a naturally nonviable animal for people's entertainment. Other breeds are more efficient converters of feed to body weight, as Cornish grow large, but also eat a tremendous amount of chicken feed. Surely others also recognize this.

Bass Man: Ofcourse they are GMO! They dont know to do SEX! :D

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