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Want to build a great house for your new ducks? It doesn' /></p>

<p>Ducks are pretty easy creatures to increase your farm.  They do not need much when it comes to shelter – only a secure, rut to retreat to.  It could be a sectioned off corner of the barn or even house them inside your chicken house if you wish to.  I gave my ducks their very own house a couple of reasons.  First, my chicken house has already been pretty filled with chickens.  Second, ducks don’t roost at any height when sleeping, they simply bed lower on the floor.  I don’t want the ducks nesting underneath the chicken roosts and becoming pooped on through the night.  But third and many vital that you me, is the fact that ducks are simply really wet.  Chickens hate being wet and during the cold months that moisture can leave them prone to frost bite.  When ducks come in the home, they're frequently wet as well as their poop is wetter than chickens.  Like chickens, they expel lots of moisture once they breath.  So I made the decision it had been perfect for the chickens and ducks to simply have separate homes, however they could be discussing a run.  We sectioned off area of the chicken run in which the ducks can splash making a big ducky mess and also the chickens can remain dry and happy.</p>

<h2>Exactly what do ducks need inside a house?</h2>

<p>Ducks do not need anything fancy.  They don’t have a tendency to like or use nesting boxes plus they just sleep on the ground.  Their house can simply be considered a wooden box or old dog house that's a minimum of 3 ft high, with 4 square ft of space on the floor for every duck you intend to possess.  In accessory for the interior area, ducks will require no less than 10 square ft of secure outdoors space per duck (however i think 20 square ft per duck is a lot more realistic).  Ducks are large and somewhat awkward on land would you like to possess a decent size door – about 14 inches wide and 12-14 inches tall.  The house should be either on the floor or have a low ramp.  You should add traction strips or perhaps a pad on the ramp to assist wet, webbed ft navigate.  Fill the home with lots of straw to allow them to snuggle lower into as well as for creating a nest from.  The most significant factor the duck house needs is ventilation.  All that moisture must escape somewhere so make sure to add lots of ventilation towards the top of the home.</p>

<h2>The way we made our duck house</h2>

<p>There exists a pretty big scrap wood pile out by our shed therefore we made the decision to save cash and make our duck house entirely from scrap wood.  Is it the most amazing duck house ever?  No, however it was nearly free also it keeps our ducks warm & safe therefore it works best for me!  We only intend on raising two ducks.  Famous last words right? We're making our home 2 ft x 4 ft contributing to 4 ft high.  We began by eliminating the floor and then your framework for that walls.  We didn’t have big sheets of plywood within our scrap pile, therefore we needed to patch together smaller sized pieces to pay for the walls.  We laid everything out on the floor before screwing it altogether. <strong>EDITED: I had been right, we wound up adding onto our duck flock after just a couple of several weeks!  Word towards the wise, always go bigger!  The original house & run are while through an expansion together with a pool lanai – the items I actually do in my creatures lol.  </strong></p>

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When the pieces counseled me cut, we put together the frame and screwed around the plywood.  We attached the foot of the rear wall towards the floor with hinges therefore we will have a large, drop lower access door to clean and collecting eggs.  Don’t forget you must have human accessibility house!  We used a window sash lock & a spring loaded eye hook to help keep the doorway closed and predator proof.

How to build a duck house

The chickens think it is perfect just the actual way it is – no ducks needed.

How to build a duck house

Before we hidden the 2 ends, we attached some hardware cloth within the roof and lower about 6 inches somewhere for ventilation.  To cover the edges, it got really tricky once we ran from plywood scraps.  But we’d some random boards and a few wood from your old swingset we’d dismantled therefore we cut individuals lower to size.

How to build a duck house

Whenever we build our chicken run, the rooftop panels arrived 10 feet lengths so we only needed these to be 8 ft, so there exists a couple of 2 feet ends hanging out.  We attached these within the hardware cloth roof.  The hardware cloth keeps it predator proof and also the panels keep your rain out.  The great part happens because the panels are ridged, air could be exchanged in every ridge therefore it provides a lot of ventilation.  Additional ventilation is available in that 6 inch side we left open in the top of the left finish.

How to make a duck house

To hide the horrible gaps and imperfections that include using scrap wood, we added some 1x4s (also from your scrap pile – I wasn’t kidding after i stated it had been a large pile!) on all of the corners as trim.  Then we used exterior caulking to close all of the edges therefore the house wouldn’t be drafty.  Before final installation, we’d all of our work verified by “official” home inspectors and also got the all obvious.


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