Chicken runs

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Chicken runs and much more

A run is definitely an enclosed yard for the chickens to maneuver in throughout the day. Should you let your hens to ‘free range’, you will possibly not desire a run whatsoever.  I make my runs secure from predators eliminating the daily chore of allowing them to from the coop each morning and and locking it well in every night.

A run is often as simple as attaching the region underneath your elevated coop with mesh, or much bigger and much more elaborate. Suggested space per hen is 10 square ft.  More frequently these days I design and pages and use a run along with you on-site after i take the coop, then return a couple of days later to construct the run.  Please call us to go over your custom run, but here are a few prices which i use:

Cedar plank Runs with durable 1/2″x1″ 16 gauge mesh (cost is per straight line feet of circumference)

  • $16 per straight line feet of three-feet tall structure
  • $18 per straight line feet of four-feet tall structure
  • $20 per straight line feet of 5-feet tall structure
  • Chicken runs 20 per straight

  • $22 per straight line feet of 6-feet tall structure
  • $2/SF for mesh ceiling, $3.20/SF for metal roof

Run access door

  • $38 32″x3-feet tall door
  • $48 32″x4-feet tall door
  • $58 32″x5-feet tall door
  • $68 32″x6-feet tall door

Anti-Tunneling Solutions

  • $1.20 per straight line feet of anti-tunneling skirt (12″ mesh skirt mounted on outdoors base of coop)
  • $40/hr to dig-in skirt (or we are able to supply the material and it can be done yourself)
  • $2 per sq . ft . of fully meshed floor, installed

Other Available Choices

  • $3.20 Sq . Ft . – Special order color metal or Paltruf obvious acrylic roof over run.
  • $250  Poultry Butler automatic chicken door, installed
  • $100  Garden Roof Elevated Bed, as much as 10sf
  • $50  Additional corner beyond 2


chicken run: with gate to alternating runs


Kun Gyangs: This is a great beginner's guide for building your own chicken coop [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ], I am really glad I found this plan before I started doing it, I would have made many mistakes that would have been very costly to my operation. I especially liked the chapter about the main issues that can occur with the chickens in the chicken coop

Jime Alase: wow

onebadboy2: Like your design and plans. Will have to see your updates. Thanks.

HuckFinn: very nice!! Enjoyed your video.

westmeathguy: It's four years later. How did that all work out?

Pinetar And Robyns Homestead: it worked well in the beginning when we had 6 to 8 chickens lol now we have 15 they do to much damage need to cut back on the chickens

westmeathguy: I hear you. I have five hens and no rooster. Perfect!

tribulation138: this is exactly what i want to do. i have 3.2 acres

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