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Well, should you have had annually approximately to see this publish, I'm able to demonstrate everything that’s blooming within my garden!  Since I Have know you’re busy, here’s only a sampling that does not include “D is perfect for Drought” within their vocabulary. The first is Narcissus ‘Gigantic Star’, a dependable early bloomer.

Narcissus ‘Erlicheer’ continues coming. ‘Helen von Stein’ lamb’s ears without anyone's knowledge.

Hyacinths frequently don’t naturalize for all of us, however this Hyacinthus orientalis ‘Sky Jacket’ is on its fifth year beside me. Guess I possibly could circumvent to ordering more next fall, huh?

While you well know, vegetation is blooming a minimum of per month sooner than usual! Our ‘Spring Bouquet’ viburnums haven't ever performed such as this.  Pleasure, maybe? These viburnums are drought-tough bullet-proof shrubs, and excellent should you prefer a screen partly shade.

Isn't it time for garden tours? What about one which features chickens, too?!

Austin Funky Chicken Coop tour
Now, Tom meets Michelle Hernandez and Carla Jean Oldenkamp in the Austin Funky Chicken tour for any 2012 preview and strategies for beginning a brood of your.

Tom Spencer with Michelle Hernandez and Carla Jean Oldenkamp, Austin Funky Chicken Coop tour
Mark the date: April 7. It’s only $10 for any map to any or all the coops (so, an organization might opt for $10)!

Here’s a sneak preview of one of these: Carla Jean Oldenkamp’s Zen Chicken House and delightful organic sq . ft . garden.

Daphne solutions: how and when don't let fertilize? The first the sunshine has plants in active mode. We are able to fertilize roses, trees and shrubs now, and perennials inside a couple of days.  But when you’re utilizing an organic slow release fertilizer, you are able to fertilize them now, though usually we’d wait a little. You want to get it done once the vegetation is positively growing, along with a surprise damaging freeze isn’t nearby.

Mrs. Oakley Fisher bud

Following the beating our plants required this past year, Daphne does recommend just a little help this spring. But note:
“With plant nutrients, a bit goes a lengthy way and much more is certainly not better.  Should you provide your plants an excessive amount of fertilizer, they’ll placed on lots of new growth and could look wonderful early in the year, however when summer time arrives, they won’t have sufficient water to aid everything new growth and they’ll be much more stressed.  With perennials and flower beds, get a layer of compost as the initial mulch.  Compost will give you a really little bit of nutrients, that is likely all of your perennials will require.Inches

Trisha’s vegetable garden at Lake Austin Health spa Resort looks mighty fine.

Lake Austin Spa Resort vegetable gardens

However with the first warm weather’s impact on winter crops, and summer time plants waiting for their turn, get her tips now about how she’s handling both.

And check out this unique turnip from the Dallas gardener! Just shows what you could grow inside a container.

huge turnip grown in a container

Free occasions: get hands-on vegetable tips at Sturdy Thyme!

All that you should Learn about Growing Tomato plants:  February 26 at 2 p.m.
How to possess a Lovely Garden…  and Eat It Too: March 4 at 2 p.m. with Renee Studebaker.

Help you in a few days!  Linda


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