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At, we like searching after our pet chickens as if they’re royalty, also it only appears appropriate that people reveal to you the best “chicken palaces”  (also known as best chicken house) we have found although undertaking our mission to keep our chickens in the way they become accustomed!

If you’re planning to take care of your personal chickens inside your backyard, maybe you may be thinking about a few of the chicken house designs available on the market, or just browsing the number of designs and chicken house plans to find out if these castles might fit your backyard chickens.

A Chicken House is essential!best chicken coop reviews

We recommend the chicken house highlighted below, as getting all the necessary elements to keep your backyard chickens healthy and safe.  The important thing elements really are a safe and warm roost area, that is preferably located at any height off the floor, is fully guaranteed from weather and predators during the night.

It’s also important with an outside activity area that’s also secure from daytime predators, but provides the chickens some outside space to roam around, but is safely fenced with steel mesh to allow enough sunshine inside.

What else should a chicken house have?

Additional factors incorporate a nesting box, a feeding and watering location, and easily accessible doorways and hatches which may be opened up every morning, and closed and secured during the night.

As well as that, we wish to enable your imagination go wild, once we present a few of the fantastic designs and elaborate constructions of chicken houses which are in the marketplace at this time at Amazon . com.

1. Merax Pet Supplies Wood House Chicken Coops


Thanks for visiting the Merax selection of prestige Chicken coops, who’re designers and manufacturer’s of fine wooden chicken houses.  Merax supply an array of chicken houses to match an entire selection of needs from only a select couple of chickens, as much as large chicken coops for individuals who keep large flocks of hens.

Produced from sustainable fir wood, these Merax chicken coops are solid, durable for just about any weather, and stable to maintain your flock of chickens protected from the weather.  You can buy a number of timber treatments, from raw right through to fully colored with waterproof paints to make sure theses chicken houses can withstand any factor the elements can through in internet marketing, and means that you can take care of your chickens for several years.

The Merax chicken house range

The Merax chicken house range provides ample space for the chickens, with respect to the number and size you have to house.  These chicken coops have a lot of space including nesting boxes, or egg lounging areas, roosting box, lockable access doorways, secure outdoors run areas, and are available safely encircled with predator proof steel mesh to maintain your chickens inside, and unwanted pests outdoors!

To make certain you can purchase with full confidence, the Merax chicken house provide an Amazon . com refund policy, read here for more information.

2. Best Option Products 80″ Wooden Chicken House


Wooden Chicken House will also be designed and proudly presented by “Best Choice Products”, who’ve a dual purpose chicken house readily available for keeping between 2 and 4 chickens.  The advantage of this dual purpose chicken house is it could be appropriate to keep several various kinds of pets, based on your needs, which ideal chicken house doubles to keep rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, or perhaps a rooster if you want to keep him segregated in the chickens!

Best Option make quality Chicken Coops

This chicken house includes a elevated chicken roosting area that’s accessible from the ramp, through a user friendly sliding hatch.  The ground from the roosting box is cleverly made with a removable sliding tray, making cleaning from the chicken house quite simple.  Better yet, the look includes nesting boxes which are readily available for humans and chickens, to ensure that chickens can lay their eggs in a good place, and both you and your entire family can also enjoy collecting the eggs every day.

The entire chicken house is guaranteed with steel mesh, making for any safe outdoors play position for the chickens, enables lots of outdoors, and lots of sunshine for the chickens to savor throughout the day.  All doorways and hatches are lockable to maintain your hens safe, as well as allow quick access to alter and fill both water and food supplies whenever necessary.

Click the link to look into the First Choice Chicken House at Amazon . com.

3. Pawhut Luxurious Large Backyard Chicken House


Pawhut may be the next manufacturer of luxurious chicken coops.  Pawhut take pride in designing chicken coops which are not only enclosures for chickens, but they are more appropriate for individuals people who love our pet chickens and wish to take care of them as well as we are able to.  Pawhut chicken houses are made for comfort and ease of access for chickens and humans alike!

Pawhut – Secure Chicken House

Chickens have to be housed safe and sound, both during the night and throughout the day.  But we humans also provide needs once we lead busy lives, and we’d choose to be enjoying our pet chickens instead of cleaning up chicken coops all day long lengthy!  So Pawhut chicken houses are specifically made to be spacious and easily accessible all living areas, nesting boxes, and feed and watering areas using the chicken house.

The nesting box is cleverly located beside the chicken house, using its own hatch for simple egg collecting.  The ground from the roosting box is really a sliding tray that may be easily cleaned and replaced.  The chickens can savor the freedom of a big outer run that is safely enclosed with steel mesh, and it has lockable doorways to ensure that chickens could be stored in or let free if you choose.

Pawhut chicken house / chicken house features:

best chicken coop reviews

  • Large ope air spaces for chickens to roam
  • Quick access for nest boxes, doorways, hatches etc
  • Comes with nesting boxes, roosts, ramps, etc
  • Sliding floor tray for simple cleaning
  • Outer run area
  • Inner run areas
  • Nesting area
  • Roosting area

Best Chicken Coop Reviews

Pawhut chicken houses are simple to assemble, look wonderful in almost any backyard, and provide an excellent means to fix keeping the pet chickens happy and safe – click the link to purchase at Amazon . com.

4. McCombo Luxurious Wooden Chicken Coops

best chicken coop

McCombo are manufacturers of top quality wooden chicken coops, that can make an excellent accessory for your backyard, and become a great home for the flock of backyard chickens.  The McCombo selection of chicken coops are built from fully treated timber, and all sorts of produced from solid high quality pine, that is resistant against weather and appear great, rain hail or shine!

McCombo – everything your chicken wants for any chicken house

McCombo chicken houses don’t only look great, but they’re build to become functional and secure for the precious pet chickens.  The chickens coops incorporate a fully enclosed outer run, produced from strong galvanized wire mesh, which provides the chickens energy in the new air and sunshine, however, you don’t need to bother about the dreaded predators stealing your flock.Best Chicken Coop Reviews

McCombo chicken coops are available in a variety of sizes and various designs and shapes, so you will have to choose the chicken house that best meets your needs, based on the number of chickens you have to retain in your chicken house, and just how much space you’ve inside your backyard.  Click the link to choose the right Chicken House today!

 Hopefully you’ll find the very best Chicken

Coop that best suits you as well as your pet Chickens!

Remember to not overfill your chicken house, because the chickens all must find a good space within the roosting box during the night.  A lot of chickens can have a tendency to cause squabbles particularly around dark when they’re searching for any spot to roost for that night. Protection Status

Trixie Natura Chicken Coop Assembly and Review


Rocio Nena: how about a weekend DIY, I might get to learn something new then I found this beginners guide. I am very satisfied .A real beginner’s DIY guide [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ], no fluff, only easy to follow step by step guide from beginning to end I benefited as well from the extra explanations about raising my chickens. My coop is done in little over 3 hours – a good weekend indeed. Next weekend – I will be down the farmer market to buy my chicks.

Jeremy Levine: nice video with helpful hints. I will be building this same coop on Friday and will reference this video for help.\n\nthanks

Brenda Storm: Thank you for making this video.

jointheresistence123: You should make an update to this video. Like how your water setup and food setup is.

Anchor Guide: Cool Hutch!

MartinNavarro: Now that it’s been about a year how did it hold up?  I bought this coop to replace a cheap one made of fir or poplar not sure which but after two brutal winters and two summers with severe storm weather it had to be replaced.  Not sure where you guys are but I’m in colorado and hoping the cedar is a little tougher.  Did you shore up any of the structure?  You also mentioned sealing it; did you?  to good results?

e030396: I was wondering how your unit is holding up. I just bought one (Trixie Chicken Coop with a View) from Costco for my two hens. It was quite easy to assemble. I manually screwed in all screws as they go into the wood very easy. The coop has a nice lay out, but that is about as far as the complements go. When my coop arrived, it came by UPS. the second box with most of the material was crushed on top and when we opened it all the foam holders were pulverized. Some of the boards were splintered, but most appeared good enough to complete the assembly. \n\nThe first night the hens went in the coop and up the plank to their roosting nest and as they walked across the floor to the nest boxes the floor caved in. I had to completely remove the floor as the wooden rim attached to the frame separated. I made another plank for them to climb from ground level direct to their nesting box. The next morning we went to move the coop forward about six feet (placed on a roller) as we rolled it all the screws came out of the attach points that hold the coop together. Now we have a large piece of card board duct taped to one side. Basically the coop is made out of very very light material that will not retain the screws that hold it together as they will easily pull out of the wood. There are no tie downs for the coop, so if a strong wind comes up, your coop will most likely end being a pile of rubble and splinters. There is basically no frame around the coop, so do not attempt to move it once assembled. Over all I am disappointed with my purchase. It is a nice looking backyard ornament, but that is about it.

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