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Within the coop, we spread a layer of cement and allow it to cure for a few days to dry completely.  This discouraged rodents from eating in to the coop in the walk out.

Once that set-up is finished, it’s time to retrofit your shed and transform it into a coop. Here’s a relevant video tour of my coop.

Roosting Bar or Roosting Area

Lots of people make use of a 2 x 4 board because the chicken roosting bar. This ought to be switched so the 4-inch side is flat for that chickens to perch on and easily cover their very own ft using their down during cold temperature.


Nest Boxes

There are lots of formulas on calculating the number of nest boxes for the amount of hens within the coop. Let me tell you it does not matter the number of chicken nesting boxes you’ve, all of the hens will wait for the similar box. A couple of will crowd into one nest area. I suggest getting a couple of nest boxes within the coop but never be surprised if a person nest box becomes the most popular nest.



Often even the rooster will get lined up for that nest box

Home windows

Our shed was without any home windows inside it. Before we’re able to apply it a coop we added four home windows within the back and 2 home windows in.  This permitted mix ventilation and daylight to go in the coop.  Since chicken wire won’t keep predators out, make sure to safely fasten quarter inch hardware cloth to the home windows or ventilation holes you chop in to the coop.

Exterior Latches

We added a few extra latches additionally towards the door handle. There exists a wooded property and also the raccoons are actually everywhere. Raccoons have lots of skill within their paws and may open doorways and latches.  So there exists a secure lock lower situation for the chickens!


Box Fan

Hanging a box fan could keep the chickens much more comfortable which help with air flow throughout the hot damp summer time nights and days.  We hang ours in the ceiling pointing toward the rear home windows.  It can make an impact! Make sure to keep your fan clean because dust will establish rapidly from getting used within the coop, which could be a fire hazard.

Waste Board

The waste board is a factor that’s missing from your coop. We didn’t learn about it whenever we began with chickens and merely never added it. But when I had been beginning once again, I’d want this selection.  Essentially, the board is installed underneath the roost bar and it is removed to wash the waste from it.


Our coop isn’t fancy. No frilly curtains, or interior paint. Used to do paint the main one nesting box in an exceedingly cute pattern and added lettering that mentioned Farm Eggs. The women pooped throughout it and made the decision to peck the lettering from the top. I still think it might be fun to color the interior and then add paintings. I’ll include that for this spring’s list!


The “Before” Picture


Jesse Garman may be the author of Chickens On Your Own, helpful tips for raising chickens. You can buy it through her website, Timber Creek Farm, or through Amazon . com.  It will come in paperback and e-book.

Maybe you have learned building a chicken house from other structures?


how to build a chicken coop step by step


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