Building a chicken nesting box

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This is a diy step-by-step procedure for creating a Chicken House Nesting Box (Egg Lounging Box). The dimensions, variety and also the location of the chicken nesting box will be different based on your requirements. The overall idea is to possess a dry and clean area where your chickens can lay eggs where they think safe and sound. You can buy a completely built “Triplex” chicken nesting box here or perhaps a “6 hole” nesting box here. You may even want to consider Building a Chicken House.





chicken nesting box diy plans dimensions

Chicken Nesting Box diy Plans and Dimensions

Here are a few general strategies for building the very best nesting box:
– You can expect to need one nesting box for each two to three chickens or hens.
– A great nesting box ought to be big enough for the chicken to face in without striking the ceiling from the box. Often a perfect nesting box size is going to be 16 x 16 x 16 inches.
– For nesting material it's good to make use of either soft straw or wood shavings. We use natural Grain HULLS.
– Adding a roost “stepper bar” or perhaps a “roost bar” around the front from the box provides the chickens a location to step before entering the nesting box.
– To make certain the nesting material doesn't drop out also to provide the chicken some security, it is advisable to give a lip to every nesting box. (see photos below)
– It's best practice to boost the nesting box up and from the ground.


How to build a double chicken nesting box for under $10


Elliot: very good, built one just like it today made it 48" 4 hole to your dimensions. All with scraps except the 2×4.\nThanks for sharing.

Castle of Costa Mesa: Awesome video! Thank you!! I learned!!

Gene Harmon: I normally don't like background music in videos but that's a good song. What is the name of it?  I love your plans for nesting boxes. I have 25 hens to build boxes for. How many boxes should I build?

Per Shop: Nice design!

fenderstratguy: Wish the words didn't move around on this video. So much nicer to just fade them in and out.

Chris Stephens: smart idea I have 5 hens now that are laying and I now have an idea how to house them all

noctanol: love it. straight to the point, easy to follow. thanks

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