Creating a chicken house video #1 (review & full transcript)

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Within this video, that is approximately 11 minutes, lambertw26 creates an excellent 6 feet wide by 14 feet lengthy chicken house and run.

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A Positive The display quality is great.

A Positive The seem quality is excellent.

A Positive The video is just 11 minutes lengthy.

A Positive The commentary is simple and fascinating to hear.

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A PositiveA top quality chicken house and run are made.

A PositiveThe majority of the instructions are extremely obvious.

A NegativeIndividual stages from the build aren’t described in enough detail.


A Positive LambertW26 makes 5 chicken related videos.

A NegativeAll of the videos were created around three years back.

A NegativeLambertW26 hasn’t responded lately to the comments relating to this video.

This video will highlight how you can

  1. Use paving gemstones as an amount base.
  2. Use 2″ x 4″ lengths of wood to produce a firm base and uprights.
  3. Use 2″ x 4″ with “bird mouth” notches to produce the rooftop.
  4. Frame and make a heightened coop.
  5. Use insulation to help keep the chickens warm in the winter months.
  6. Give a pop door, window and nesting box.
  7. Use a metal roof.
  8. Add “hardware cloth” towards the run.

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Please look for a full transcript from the video below which supports you should you couldn’t quite know very well what was stated at any time within the video or if you wish to discover some specific information, fast.

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[noise] Okay, making this the bottom of my chicken house. Things I did only agreed to be dig lower and so i might get all of the 4x8x16 pavers level in the earth, and individuals are my treated 2x4s that I’m gonna use because the base so that they won’t rot.

Yeah, now the job begins. Right here is my setup. I acquired a chop saw, there’s a few of the sawmill lumber at the back of my truck.

So, let’s have this began. Okay, so There is the studs up, after I screwed all of the base together, I essentially counter-sunk the screws, screwed them on each side, 90 levels from one another within the corners, after which three screws counter-sunk within the 2×4 right in front. Which will be able to hole the studs up to I can acquire the roof on. So, as you can tell, about this finish is destined to be the coop, this other finish is destined to be in which the hardware cloth is, and it is 32 inches apart. There’s destined to be three sections on each side.

So next would be to place the roof beam on each side. It’s 14 feet lengthy. The bottom is six feet wide, by 12 feet lengthy. So that’s destined to be the region that they’re gonna need to fool around in. Okay well, I’m gonna place the roof beam on here after which I’ll respond.

Okay so, I received my mix beams on in my rafters, also place the eight feet rafters on and cut the bird’s mouth on either finish to ensure that I did not need to go and purchase the metal brackets from Lowe’s, which increase the cost from the coop. A specific item here around the 45 degree braces the thing is around the front, those quietly, that’s simply to hold it square. Enable you to get a large four feet level and merely make certain everything’s squared up real good before you decide to place your roof trusses on, after which move from there.

The following factor around the agenda would be to start framing in the floor from the coop. There is the coop floor presented in, also it looks very good to date. I attempted to make use of the scrap bits of lumber in which you wouldn’t discover their whereabouts. Anyways, that’s done.

[pause] Okay, so There is the walls presented up. This here’s destined to be my nesting box. There’s destined to be a window up here, I still need to frame in some window. I needed to put some skiving on here to ensure that I possibly could nail my plywood, and my siding too.

As you can tell, this lumber is, you realize, a lot of it was handed in my experience where Sometimes, after which others I purchased in the sawmill, and it is a great deal less expensive than if you purchase wood at Lowe’s, therefore it helps the end result cost, it’s not necessary to pay for just as much. So, that’s a great factor, specifically for me. I did not wanna spend  good deal, so hopefully I’ll have under things i expected.

So, my coop is six feet wide, and my plywood is four feet wide, so I needed to nail some walls in here to ensure that we’re able to nail the plywood to simply some fundamental wall studs. I acquired one set at two feet there, and something set at four feet there. So, it’s uniting. I received my floor on also, so, awesome.

So, it’s raining now and that i finally got your window presented up. It’s 28 wide by 18 inches tall, and you may see my nesting box here’ said in regards to a bit earlier. However I think There is all of the framing done.

There is the pop door done and it is 16×12. So I’ll have to work out whenever I recieve done. I simply figured rather of attempting to make the opening really accurate, I’ll just work out while it’s around the coop, it may be just a little simpler. So I’m gonna place a door within the back, along with a door right in front, this way I’m able to fix it out great. So, I’ve become one for reds from the exterior wall set up, and that i used the type of like T-11, T1-11. So, yeah that appears very good.

And today I’m about to do sleep issues. Okay, so, following the rain delay, I kinda labored inside underneath this bit of plastic the following, and yesterday it blew off and also got my tools wet. But anyways, I labored inside putting a number of this Styrofoam insulation in, and that i hope that’ll help to keep them warm during the cold months time, since it does get pretty windy here. It blows across field there, with the pine trees and I know we may need to anchor this factor lower, afraid it could blow over when we acquire some winds like we’d a few several weeks ago.

But yeah, I insulated inside here, there’s my pop door, and my window, and nesting boxes. Score! Got this bit of linoleum free of charge, and it is pretty awesome. The dude just gave i in my experience. It doesn’t go completely across, however i think I’m gonna have great results to save $20.

Anyways, I cut the home windows out too as you can tell, also it looks very good. Now I’m gonna work inside plywood and also the ceiling, and then try to have this factor ended. Okay, I finally appeared the framing around the nesting box and set the plywood lower at the base. Now I must sheet the outdoors from it. Hopefully which goes pretty much. It’s 16 wide, and 42 lengthy. It’s gonna have sufficient for 3 nesting boxes inside so hopefully they’ll have sufficient room, I kinda just suspected around the size.

Okay so, I finally got the rooftop within the coop. My dear god, exactly what a headache. Discomfort within the butt, but anyways, I finally first got it. After cutting a few bits of plywood – there goes my insulation. After cutting a few bits of plywood wrong, I finally first got it right. Man, that’s some [?] plywood I acquired from Lowe’s too. It’s diverse from the first sort I purchased, but anyways. Plus i got the nesting boxes, I acquired the siding placed on. It appears very good.

So inside you can observe how large each is destined to be. Pretty big, large enough to put inside. Okay. Evening report: we’ve got the spacers between your rafters place in, to ensure that wild birds and crap can’t overcome top. Looks very good, really happy to have that more than with. Yeah, it’s been a slow day.

Okay, so coop day six. I’m attempting to place the metal roof on, and as you can tell, I place the slats lower where you screw metal roof, and that i stained them already. I put this on today, around the front, the siding around the front face here.

Now I must wake up there and install the metal roof, that is destined to be pretty tough, thinking about I’m on my own. But anyway, it should not be that bad. But, there’s the rooftop, and that i guess I’m gonna lay it on the floor simply to observe how everything will fall into line on the top after i jump on the coop there on my own. So yeah, this may be kinda hairy.

Okay, there it’s, the rooftop is finally done. My dear jeeze, exactly what a hassle. It continued great until this last piece right here, I needed to cut, and my jeeze, it had been a discomfort. But you can observe which i began staining some stuff in the rafters, and that i stained each one of these little mix [?] the tin attaches to, or even the metal roof.

But, yeah, that’s destined to be pretty tough too since the wood, since it’s sawmill lumber, it really wants to absorb all of the stain before I even move my brush, so, yeah. I began focusing on the small door lower here. I’m gonna have this to spread out up. I’m gonna get it open whenever we wanna allow the chickens out so we don’t wanna leave the big door open, which means this will undoubtedly open. I’m gonna focus on all of the doorways today. Sweet. Close Speech Marks End Of Video Transcript

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ray gaulding: do you have an approximate cost of this build

Moohmed Fawخعهخخهخخخهه: yyyuyiu

Paul Cardelli: I'm just finishing the framing and I'm estimating $350 to $400 buying all the wood hardware, roofing, and paint, but easily larger than coops kits at the same price.

Beth Powers: Awesome , will be showing my husband so he can make 1 for our (my) new chicks

homesteadonomics: +Beth Powers Sweet! Thats great to hear Beth! Would love to see pics when you get it done:)\nJoe

Shahveer Khan: homesteadonomics

Studio b4: Awesome build! I really like the paint job.

homesteadonomics: +brzyd4l Thanks so much! My wife gets all the painting credit:)

Ben York: That's my favourite way to paint too!

homesteadonomics: +Ben York haha… it's the best!

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