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Calling fowl on super bowl chicken-eating claims - chicago tribune Be careful about your language

It’s funny but sad simultaneously, since the various search engines now generate their very own info boxes that appear towards the top of the page when users key in fundamental questions such as this, so searchers have you don’t need to click further.

Just in situation, though, Let me emphasize my online readers the Super Bowl kickoff starts at what time the Superbowl game begins between your Patriots and Seahawks, 5:30 p.m. Central amount of time in Chicago and far from the Midwest.

Where’s the Super Bowl?

Not Chicago. Again. And never for that near future. Since the architects and planners behind the Soldier Field renovation in early 2000s provided 8,500 less seats for football compared to National football league requires for any Super Bowl venue. Having a bigger, domed or retracting-roof stadium, we’d enter the rotation not just with this game but in addition for the NCAA Final Four, the school football championship and a few swell monster truck rallies.

Because it is, the tourism dollars connected with your occasions continuously go elsewhere, for example, this season, Glendale, Ariz..

Be careful about your language on union laws and regulations

Gov. Bruce Rauner ratcheted up his anti-union rhetoric a week ago throughout a speech in Decatur as he stated that, as they was "not promoting that Illinois be a right-to-work condition," he was promoting "right-to-work zones" where, if local voters gave the OK, employees at union shops wouldn’t be made to join or financially offer the union like a condition of employment.

Before we even debate this proposal — which organized labor sees like a threat and thus will likely go nowhere within the Democrat-controlled General Set up — we ought to eliminate the loaded term "to work."

As I have stated before, federal labor law requires unions to represent every worker in classifications included in their union contracts. This means that even employees who opt from having to pay dues continue to be titled towards the benefits won through collective bargaining, including an attorney for claims of illegal punishment and termination.

"To work," which sounds so ennobling and is just about the routine reference in objective news tales, could as fast be known as "to freeload."

Leave such terms towards the advocates. Or, at the minimum, always cushion their argumentative impact with skeptical quote marks.


"Change of Subject" online readers have spoken, as well as in our paid survey, they’ve selected this offering by @dinnersruined as Twitter’s funniest tweet each week:

"I told my girlfriend she was drawing her eyebrows far too high. She looked surprised."

The main one I discovered myself quoting most frequently fared poorly using the electorate. It had been by @bossy_bootz and went, "Everyone’s an atheist until they are making an appointment and praying it is going to voicemail message."

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