Angry chicken: the bust diy help guide to existence (i have got a bit of projects inside it)

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Here you go which is a mighty tome. It’s HUGE—and so loaded with wonderful ideas, it’s difficult to think. It Is The Bust DIY Help guide to Existence: Making The Right Path Through Every Single Day, by Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel.


I’m so proud to possess a couple projects within this book, such as this one here—how to consider a band t-shirt making it into cute under garments. This book is not just sewing projects, either. There’s cooking, gardening, fashion, hair/make-up, take your pick. Can One just copy a blurb I just read online about this? Since it states everything:

"greater than 250 of the greatest DIY and craft projects from the 15-year history. Organized by category—beauty and health, fashion, food and entertaining, career, finance, travel, and sex—and designed in BUST’s trademark brazen and witty style, this essential DIY encyclopedia in the essential DIY magazine is eclectic, empowering, amusing, and downright practical, truly recording the spirit of ladies today."

IMG_4439Another illustration of radness.

IMG_4439And here’s my deodorant recipe.

IMG_4439I really like this hairstyle a lot.

Likely to interesting behind-the-scenes making of the book around the writer site for individuals individuals who’re craft book/publishing nerds and discover the procedure fascinating, like myself.

For the local folk (they’ve internet sales, too) Powell’s has this book in a discounted cost at this time and there is an approaching booksigning event November fifth. You are able to pre-order a signed copy, too. Here are some the approaching book tour, visit Debbie and Laurie personally!!

Thank you for making this type of great magazine for fifteen years, Ladies!


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