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May 2, 2017 | By alex | Filed in: Video Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans.

Scramble managed to get to an advaced status yesterday.

Our women – French Toast, Sunny, Simple and easy , hopefully Scramble is actually a lady too – happen to be enjoying this straightforward, simple to make and portable A Frame style chicken house for around per month now.

They’d outgrown their brooding cabinet with us residing in Alaska with hawks and eagles preying within our backyards, the opportunity isn’t an option.  

So among building that fully insulated dream coop – hopefully later this summer time – we wanted a quick, easy, economical solution.  Something affordable but very helpful and functional.

I especially loved the thought of getting a transportable coop Body that people could move about the yard to fertilize different areas.  After much research, a b Frame Chicken house was the very best solution.

The Ram and that i built this coop within a couple of hrs.  We spent under $100 around the coop as a whole and therefore are extremely pleased using the outcome.  

However I have opposed writing this plan since i felt it’d one major design flaw.  

Our chickens couldn’t get to an advaced status in to the enclosed part.  So every evening, we would need to catch the chickens and set them upstairs having a bulb – as well as for cold nights, I put a classic blanket over the top coop.

Yesterday would be a special day for that chickens.

Scamble managed to get to an advaced status.

And i’m so excited to express this plan of action.  I know it isn’t the best coop.  It’s not super fancy or beautiful.  But it will allow someone on the small budget with limited DIY tools/experience to possess chickens within their backyards inside a couple of hrs.  And I am about that!


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Beth Ann: Thanks for the warning about the fish. 🙂 I just fast forwarded those parts. ;)

Daisy Robinson: Maybe she's vegetarian or vegan?

Beth Ann: I eat fish. I just don't like seeing guts. I'm squeamish. And I don't really care what some internet person thinks about it lol. I was thanking her for being considerate. Had nothing to do with you.

Michael Barath: Great choice on the grout. Cant wait till next Monday to see the next piece of the home come together. Awesome privilege to be able to catch your own salmon.

Ana White: Thanks!

Mona Rawles: Your house is looking great, but I'm afraid it's upstaged by those mouth-watering salmon!!!

Ana White: They sure are great!

Jennifer McQuinn: This is why I enjoy you showing us every detail. When you were talking about the grout in the shower my first thought was I really like the silver. Except as soon as you mentioned the faded look I was like oh my gosh it really does. You have an amazing eye for detail and I love that you can see the finished result before you've even begun.

Ana White: Thank you so much!

mmanut: You caught some great looking fish. Nothing beats a great piece of salmon on the grille. House looks fantastic. Good Luck. �� Vinny ����

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