Construct it yourself: backyard chicken coops

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Alexandria Coop (Thanks to Dan Cohen)

When Dan Cohen’s wife requested him to construct a chicken house 5 years ago, she wanted one for convenience’s sake. She was tired of driving the 5 miles to her boy’s house whenever she wanted fresh eggs she’d made the decision it had been about time to obtain her very own chickens.

It required a couple of days for Cohen to construct the coop, however when he finished, his wife was pleased. She even told him he should think about selling the wood structures for a little bit of extra cash. He chuckled the concept off initially. Getting crafted models for museums previously, he didn’t wish to take that route. “I did lots of fancy stuff where I wasn’t likely to lower myself and make chicken coops,” Cohen states.

Following a couple of several weeks, however, he finally gave directly into his wife’s suggestion and set an image of his coop on Craigslist. The following day, he’d 20 emails asking about this.

“That’s after i stated ‘oh my goodness, there’s something here,’” he states.

His business rapidly escalated Cohen built 100 chicken coops his newbie which ballooned into 1,500 4 . 5 years later. He acquired 20 chickens of their own and hired 27 employees to maintain the hurry of orders from individuals who had made the decision they desired to raise chickens within their backyards.

His coops were featured around the Martha Stuart Show this year. Then, Johnson Sonoma, our prime finish store of furniture and cookware, made the decision to obtain the experience.

Cohen has become featured on their own site together with his chicken coops, a sure sign that backyard chicken farming has formally become trendy. Instantly, Cohen’s coops seem like miniature farm houses, featuring shingled roofs and wired home windows. A couple of of these have wheels to assist move them round the yard. For a small fee, Cohen’s team will set and assemble the wood and wire construction for you personally.

It’s not only Cohen who’s in around the chicken-raising trend. Just Food, a company that actually works on connecting city dwellers with maqui berry farmers, has additionally seen an increasing curiosity about their chicken workshops. New You are able to urbanites have flocked for their programs to discover chicken care, building coops and just what kinds of chickens would be best to boost in a few climates.

A minimum of 10 % of attendees to simply Food chicken workshops are a new comer to chicken keeping and attendance grows, based on Greg Anderson, Just Food’s City Farms Program Manager.

The locavore movement and also the interest in organic goods are mainly accountable for driving the popularity.

“I think it’s just ideal for people so that you can do that,” Cohen states. “It’s great to escape the pc and also the television and obtain out in to the backyard and also have a little bit of control of the food.”


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