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My mother, stepdad, and that i really built everything from recycled lumber and tin! The only real things we bought were wire along with a couple of boards for that rafters. The doorways and window were leftovers from houses we’ve renovated through the years.

It’s really much more of a storage shed having a fenced-in aviary mounted on it than the usual coop however it provides them lots of space that they really enjoyed during the cold months on days if this was freezing or wet to allow them outdoors.

Still it must be colored (the monumental task of painting it and repainting the many other barns and outbuildings around the farm is placed to start soon&hellipjoy. LOL!) however i like it plus they appear to too.

The interior includes a heat lamp hanging in the ceiling for that very coldest winter days along with a huge fan for warm summer time days its keep’s a set of nest boxes produced from a classic microwave cart, a roost from the large branch, as well as an old bench they enjoy to rest on sometimes too. Along with a chair I sit in and they hop in my lap attempting to be petted on, haha.

So yeah, if you possess the building know-how (there are plenty of tutorials online for many pretty awesome build-your-own chicken coops!) and also the supplies (search around on craigslist and also you’ll most likely have some bargains and maybe even some freebies that people simply want eliminate!) I’d recommend making your personal! Otherwise, again try looking at craigslist or similar sites and find out what you could develop. A neighbor of mine accustomed to build chicken tractors and coops for individuals so you may even fine someone like this to commission a custom one from!

Have fun with your personal fluffy yellow nuggets! They’re a wonderful breed and therefore are total egg-lounging machines!


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