Anybody ever develop a chicken house?

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Anybody ever develop a chicken house? yourself-forum

No, however i added an egg box for an existing one, and built several runs.

Chickens really do not worry about the amenities, they simply desire a bar to roost on, and want something secure that racoons can't enter into.
Whether wood box, or perhaps a wood frame covered in chicken wire, having a bar suspended a couple of ft off the floor, along with a latchable door, and also you had a chicken house.
The flamboyant designs should attract humans, not chickens. Ours have rested inside a 5ft tall, 3ft wide, 1 foot deep wood and chicken wire box for around three years. Within the evening they play within the run.

We place a little solar-powered motor on the timer that paves the way at sun up, and closes it an sun lower, so that all we must do is keep feeder and water capped off every couple of days and collect the eggs.

The number of have you got that you'll require a larger coop? Organization them remain in everything day? Most predators only emerge during the night, and also the day area only must be secure enough to ensure that they're from running amok.
Anybody ever develop a chicken house? despite theWhenever we had 6, all 6 would croud together on top bar, despite the fact that there have been 3 perfectly good roosts (and all sorts of 6 only used among the two egg boxes).
Now there are only 3 left, they still all crowd together, crunched up right into a corner on a single roost.
Unless of course they all are packed wing-to-wing, don't assume they'll make use of extra space were you to give it for them, chickens aren't like people by doing so

Anybody ever develop a chicken house? doing so    

Quad Coop Chicken Coop


sinopa27: I am concerned about the summer weather. Can it get too hot inside of it?

Good Ideas Inc: Hello. The coop is ventilated but, like any enclosure, it's important to monitor internal temperatures to ensure there is no overheating. Thanks to the wheeled base, the coop can be relocated to shady areas to help regulate temperatures on some of the hotter days. Thank you for the question.

321scully: Are they available in the UK?

Good Ideas Inc: +321scully We don't currently have any distributors in the UK although we're working to set up some currently. However this may not come to fruition for some months.

Angel Browne: four chickens no way looks like it can only accommodate one chook unless you have got very tiny chickens anyway good idea I love chickens

Lisa: 4 teeny tiny bantam chickens, 1 regular sized chicken.

callulah: It looks as if only one chick could fit in there, how does it house four?

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