Backyard chicken house: 6 steps (with pictures)

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Backyard chicken house: 6 steps (with pictures) scrap wood from old

I chose to make this little chicken barn a couple of years back to accommodate 3-5 lounging hens within my backyard. I am around coupled with to create a "pretty" someone to keep individuals from getting a chicken coup (ha ha). That one was inspired by a few Kansas barns I have seen. I spent about $40 when fully completed. Chicken wire, some 2x4s and broken siding were the expense. Broken siding is half cost inside my local lumber store. Other activities used were scrap wood from old bathroom cabinets, leftover hardware, paint, and wood from house projects, and large amount of scraps and hardware from the condemned house lower the road (I acquired permission to consider things before they bulldozed it.) Shingles received by my neighbor leftover from roofing his garage.

There are several fundamental rules for designing and managing a good healthy chicken shack:

1. Sufficient space on the floor per bird.

2. Dry with higher ventilation.

3. Temperature control.

4. Predator protection.

5. Ensure that it stays clean + freshwaterOrmeals = happy & healthy wild birds.

Many towns really allow as much as 5 chickens but no roosters. Check local rules about this if you are planning to construct. Should you choose get chickens around, be respectful towards the non-chicken majority so all of those other city chicken individuals don’t get punished through politics and zoning.

I posted images of this coop to a person who ran a coops book not long ago plus they incorporated an image from it in "Chicken Coops, 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock." By Judy Pangman

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I lately published another coop, a chicken outhouse having a beer can roof at



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