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You’ve studied the
Standard of Perfection
and also the
Bantam Standard,
let’s focus on the
showmanship competition!


daughter loves the American Standard of Perfection. She studies it, takes it

together with her within the vehicle and likes to be quizzed around the breeds and varieties.

The Backyard Chicken magazine, Storey’s Help guide to Raising Chickens and

hatchery catalogs are pored over and studied, because she loves her

chickens! She’s on her behalf method to being a chicken expert. Showmanship has

been an excellent outlet for showcasing all she’s learned and it is an

chance to learn to verbally express for an mindful judge the

understanding that’s kept in her mind.


competitions are among the popular features of chicken shows for that

juniors. Idol judges are searching for professional, knowledgeable junior

fanciers who understand how to handle their wild birds and may communicate what

they’ve learned.

One factor we’ve learned is the fact that no two competitions are identical. Some shows are very formal with white-colored lab jackets needed, many age ranges, and significant recognition and prizes for that winners. Sometimes they get to speak to the actual judge for that show. Other occasions, another knowledgeable chicken expert is requested to complete the interviewing. Sometimes everybody will get the same inquiries to answer as well as your time using the judge is restricted. Sometimes you’re requested to just share all you know regarding your bird (which could take quite some time for many juniors!)

Rule #1 for showmanship is know your bird. Understand how to handle them well, hold them safely, place them right into a cage headfirst, pose them within the cage, and take away them headfirst. Know their anatomy (the greater the merrier), their class and varieties, and just how they rival the American Stardard of Perfection. Know their strengths as well as their problems.

Rule #2 for showmanship would be to keep speaking! If your judge asks an issue, don’t merely answer having a a word answer – share all you can consider you know concerning the subject (and more more!) Idol judges want to see you’ve got a wide base of understanding about chicken.

Rule #3 for showmanship is be professional. Idol judges want to see neat, sincere juniors. Speak clearly, be relaxed and eye contact is key. Put on a white-colored lab coat and make certain by way of thanking the judge when you’re done.

Rule #4 is keep learning. This is not an evaluation to cram for this is an chance to progressively become a specialist in most things chicken. Generation x of idol judges, breeders, and exhibition fanciers will emerge from this "class" of participants. Learn it while you are youthful since it is a lot harder to "educate a classic dog new methods". Idol judges prefer to ask a minumum of one random chicken understanding question for example, "Do chickens have teeth?" (Before you decide to proudly say "no", remember peeps are born by having an egg tooth, that is exactly what the judge was testing to find out if the juniors understood about).


2015 AQHA Youth Showmanship

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