Rats, rodents and the way to have them from your chickens.

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In the united states :

  • They are able to come anytime of the year, but they are especially prone to appear in the fall (Fall) through the wintertime before the weather gets warm early in the year.
  • The harvest is within, there is no more wheat or sunflower seeds left within the fields and there is snow on the floor.  Meals are difficult to find as well as rats and rodents need to live.
  • So in they are available in the fields to anywhere meals are more freely available.
  • Much like your chicken run.

Within the city :

  • At any season – just like their country cousins, they’ll search for shelter especially in the winter several weeks.
  • Where rubbish collects on roads or perhaps in gardens and meters.  Rats within the city will eat anything they could possibly get, wherever they are able to have it, so garbage to some rat means an absolute way to obtain food.

Piles of rubbish such as this really are a sure-fire attraction for rats.

Rubbish heaps like this attract rats and mice.

  • When building jobs are happening – make no mistake, rats travel lengthy distances.  Creating foundations frequently disturbs nests and rats will migrate from that area to setup home elsewhere where they think safer.  How do you know? Since it happened within our home whenever a new estate of homes had been built six miles away and also the rats wound up within our garden.
  • When meals are left available.  Commercial dog food, human food, any type of food – rats and rodents come with an amazing olfaction, and smell it they’ll.

5 Approaches to make certain rats and rodents aren’t seeing your chicken house like a fast-food outlet.

Lots of people believe that for those who have chickens it’s inevitable you will have rats.  It’s among the primary reasons districts give because of not allowing backyard chickens to become stored.

But it is simply not the situation.

The reason why rats and rodents literally smell out chicken coops is certainly not related to chickens themselves.  It’s all regulated related to what drives them most – food.

Therefore the how to prevent them from entering your chickens’ strategy is simple : stop their food.

Be cautious about departing any grain around – rats can climb and can make the most even of untamed bird tables.

Resourse: http://raising-happy-chickens.com/

How to take care of rat / mouse problem in your Chicken Coop!


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clbellue: I don't presently have chickens but am trying to figure out how to deal with these problems before I get them (I have had them in the past and encountered many predator problems). We have plenty of rats, squirrels and mice on the property and I would like to get them under control and stay ahead of the game. I'm wondering about the use of poison and it seems very attractive. My only concern is that if it is ingested by a rodent who is then carried off by an owl, will the owl be affected adversely? I don't want to hurt one of those beautiful animals. :(

The Homestead Chronicles: We don't have rats any more (thank the Lord), but we do have field mice. In order to keep them under control, we use both traps and bait. Also, we have a feral cat living somewhere on the property and a couple of resident owls out by our dugouts. So, between all of us, the mice don't get out of control.\n\nOur bait stations are made from buckets, which work really well. \n\nI would caution you not to put out uncovered/unsecured bait. Although you threw the bait under the coop, where the chickens could not get at it, other animals might (ones you may not want to poison). Also, it is possible that the rats may try to carry that bait back to their nest, possibly leaving a trail of poison that the chickens could access. That bait should be secured in place so it doesn't accidentally wind up somewhere it is wanted.\n\nHope you can get the rats under control.

Mollys GreenAcres: we have to do the same things you are. it's worth the chicken eggs for sure. I wondered why you have chosen the chicken breed that you have. thank you.

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