The benefits and drawbacks of keeping a rooster ~ learn which is the best for you

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Choosing keeping a rooster or not— that’s a big question!

With regards to keeping a rooster, you will find benefits and drawbacks to think about. Check out this book for people who’ve backyard chickens Backyard Chickens for novices: Obtaining the Best Chickens, Selecting Coops, Feeding and Care, and Beating City Chicken Laws and regulations

There are lots of people earning money by continuing to keep chickens and roosters too.

Benefits and drawbacks of Keeping a Rooster

Keeping a rooster has several positive roles inside a flock of chickens.

  • A rooster provides fertilization services towards the hens within the flock.
  • He’ll function as a guard and defender against perceived and actual danger.
  • Your rooster will look for food for that flock and alert another backyard chickens that he’s found something tasty.

The details of existence for any backyard rooster

So far as fertilization goes, keeping a rooster is essential only if you wish to hatch chicks or else you want fertile eggs for that kitchen. Hens will lay nutritious eggs with no rooster. A virile rooster will mate frequently with many or all of the hens in the presence.

When there aren’t enough hens to split his time, he might put on them out. This could damage the hens’ combs, necks, and backs in the rooster’s beak and spurs. Generally, a great minimum ratio is 8-10 hens per rooster.

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Guard roosters on premises

Always watching over his backyard chickens, a vigilant rooster may seem never to rest. He’ll scan heaven and landscape for possible predators, warning the hens as he senses danger. While protection is really a positive trait, some (although not all) roosters go too much. When they become aggressive, they are able to injure children and adults by jumping or pecking their way.

Snack time!

Keeping a rooster … He’ll check over food he finds before calling his women in the future and dine. Usually, he’ll stand back and allow them to get began before he starts to partake. On another hands, he might fight for his share. He can also be aggressive toward an individual transporting anything he thinks contains food.

Top reasons to keeping an outdoor rooster

Keeping a Rooster with hens

Keeping a rooster with hens

A great rooster will:

  • Mate regularly with many or all his hens, making certain a continuing way to obtain fertile eggs.
  • Safeguard his hens by alerting these to aerial and ground predators.
  • Call his hens when he’s found a meal source.

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Advantages to getting a rooster 

  • Roosters crow in the first light and throughout the day. If you want this seem, it’s a great factor.
  • A rooster will offer you protection.
  • A rooster just looks cool—and maybe colorful–strutting round the farm.

Top reasons to raise backyard chickens with no rooster

  • You would like eggs for the table but don’t want to hatch backyard chickens or eat fertile eggs.
  • You and alsoOror perhaps your neighbors don’t such as the seem of the rooster crowing all day long lengthy.
  • In case your neighborhood, HOA covenants or municipal rules stop roosters.
  • You’ve less than eight backyard chickens.
  • You shouldn’t take away the rooster’s spurs— a reasonably simple procedure — every so often.

Other benefits of not having a rooster

  • Backyard chickens won’t be hurt with a rooster’s spurs or beak during mating.
  • You will not need to bother about an overprotective rooster becoming aggressive, jumping or pecking at people.

keeping a rooster with hens

rooster with hens

Rooster personalities

Of all breeds, you will see gentle roos and aggressive roos. However, many breeds are recognized for more docile roosters than the others. The most popular source for looking at personalities, among a number of other characteristics, is Henderson’s Chicken Breed Chart.

Generally, the greater a cockerel is handled like a chick, the not as likely he’s to get a hostile rooster. But a docile roo will jump into action if he perceives a danger. Once cockerels achieve maturity, it can be hard to help keep several male within the same small flock.

Rooster dominance

You will claim dominance and can begin to see the others as threats and competition. Sometimes this hierarchy is respected and nobody is hurt. Much more likely, you will see fights and injuries. The straightforward option would be to possess just one rooster per backyard flock.


Why I Have a Rooster


Wholesome Roots: We love our roosters for that very reason! They are such good protectors and I love the noise they make when they find a treat for the girls! When we free ranged they saved my girls so many times. Now that we tractor our birds (aerial predators were so severe) we keep a roo in every tractor in case a predator broke in. Good job!

The Grass-fed Homestead: That noise is so distinct from any other noise they make. So cool! How many tractors are you running?

Wholesome Roots: 6 chicken, 1 turkey. one of the big ones will need to be divided again as they get bigger.

Brian Philbrook: And roosters are more impressive looking too. I have two in my flock. I had crows in my chicken run until my big rooster showed them who was boss. Now they just watch through the fence lol. The solution to your deer problem is simple a well placed shot just behind the forward shoulder lol. I've seen some people tie pie plates so they flap in the breeze to scare deer away.

The Grass-fed Homestead: haha! It seems our coyotes are slacking

Jamal Hunter: I am grant.

Hans Quistorff: I had a large rooster that would grab the tall stalks of wheat and bend it to the ground for the hens.\nI have been experimenting with the different grains I eat and also what I can raise for the chickens. Millet seems to be the winner. I am going to see if some will overwinter if sown now like the wheat. Quinoa they don't seem to care for pecking out the small seeds but they love the leaves and the plants came back up from the roots after they passed over. \nKeep your eyes open for an old lawn mower deck with adjustable wheels. If it is configured so you can unbolt it and bolt one to each corner of the chicken tractor then adjust the wheels down to move the tractor.

Tamar Komla: Hans Quistorff smart! where is your channel?

Hans Quistorff: Just click on my picture to get to it.

David Yoder: nice video! Is there certain breeds of roosters that are better protectors than others?I just lost a hen to a hawk today really pissed me off

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