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How to get proper care of chickens (with pictures) - wikihow few perches for the
Purchase or develop a chicken house. All chickens require a coop to become stored in. The coop must be well ventilated, predator-proof, free from drafts, and have ample space for the amount of chickens you need to keep. You can buy a chicken house from the pet shop, a warehouse, a ranch supply store or on the internet and the price can vary from $200 to $600 with respect to the size the coop.

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  • For those who have some understanding in building things, you can test to create your personal chicken house. You will get many coop designs online or create your own coop.
  • Your chickens must have 4 square ft of space on the floor each within their coop, bantams must have 1 / 2 of what is 2 square ft. If you are going to maintain your chickens within the coop permanently, it must be quite large so the chickens are pleased considering the variety of space they’ve and also have room to roam around.
  • Put the coop within an area with lots of grass and a few dirt piles. Chickens prefer to eat any grass they are available across plus they like to dust bathe daily. Keep the chickens within an area with a few dry dirt to dust bathe with and somewhere with lots of lengthy grass to munch on.
  • Consider attaching a go to the coop so your chickens can roam around outdoors but nonetheless be protected against predators and they also won’t wander away.
  • Buy a couple of perches/bars to hold within the coop. Chickens don’t usually sleep on the floor however they frequently roost during the night on perches or on the top of nesting boxes. For this reason you’ll are interested a few perches for the chickens. The quantity of perches you purchase depends upon the quantity of chickens you’ve. Make certain the perches aren’t too thin so the chickens can certainly rest in it. It is also easier to buy removable perches to be able to clean them with no trouble.
  • Purchase or develop a couple of nesting boxes to visit within the coop. These would be the place where your hen will lay her eggs. Make certain there’s one nesting box between every four hens. You need to add bedding for example straw towards the boxes that it is just like a nest. Also, make certain the boxes are adequately sized so your hens can easily fit in them and become comfortable. Make certain you’ve easy accessibility nesting boxes and they possess a lip so the eggs cannot fall from the nest and crack on the floor. You might like to build or buy a coop with nesting boxes in ways to be able to collect the eggs from outdoors from the coop, by doing this you will not be disturbing the flock every day simply by entering their housing.
  • Add absorbent bedding towards the coop. The bedding is to be able to cleanup the chickens waste rapidly and simply. It ought to be put into the flooring from the coop.
  • If you fail to buy or develop a coop, you could keep the chickens inside a warm, well ventilated, predator-proof shed. The chickens will easily adjust to this.


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