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Our first chicken house was functional, but left a great deal to be preferred.  We many userful stuff here from your first little coop, so we put what we should learned into our second, bigger chicken house.  Things we learned in the first coop, create a coop large enough just to walk in, roosters are big, require a bigger door,  and try to plan you coop to obtain much more chickens.  Chickens are addictive, and you’ll always want more.  With these issues in mind, we labored on designing our next chicken house.

The initial step ended up being to get some good wooden pallets.  Wood gets increasingly more costly.  We would have liked to get this done as inexpensively as you possibly can, once we are cheap.  I acquired a truck load of free wooden pallets for the chicken house by asking around.

Free Wood Pallets

The wood pallets is going to be employed for the walls later.  We used some 2×4’s and plywood for that floor.  First we built a 4’x8′ frame for that floor.  You could utilize pallets for that floor, however the 2×4’s and plywood was just around $25 also it saved considerable time.

2x4 frame for the floor
2×4 frame for that floor

Next we attached a complete sheet of plywood towards the 4’x8′ frame.

We added braces for that corners, and 2 2×4 skids towards the bottom because we intend on using this coop around whenever we proceed to the land we purchased after we reach that time from the plan.

Corner brace for added stability
Corner brace for additional stability
2 skids attached
2 skids attached

Next we flipped the ground right side up and placed it on blocks.

And used wood shims to level up.

Resourse: https://summersacres.internet/2014/11/05/diy-chicken-coop-from-pallets/

Building a straw bale Chicken Coop?!?


Khan G: Subhanallah

Lumnah Acres: ?

susie awalt: Great idea, is the sturcture frame electrical conduit or metal?

Lumnah Acres: It is metal! And it works great!

Pam Murphy: Your chickens look they're having a good time! I loved it when one jumped off the haybale as if into a swimming pool They appear to be smart chickens!\n(Yes, I've never had chickens.)

Lumnah Acres: Thanks! Yes, they really do enjoy the winter chicken coop!

ghost rider: ive raised hens for 40 years. you made a good choice with the barred rocks. mine lay all winter, despite what you read on the internet. my rhode island reds lay all winter too.

Lumnah Acres: ghost rider Thanks. We love the barred rocks. We got eggs all winter long.

Željko Serdar: We believe that the grasslands is nature's foundation for preserving our expanses of fertile land. We believe the natural bio-diverse habitat works in symbiosis to protect and build the precious layer of fertile topsoil which the world depends on for food production. All the best from Croatia, CCRES TEAM.

Lumnah Acres: Željko Serdar I agree completely! Best of luck in you endeavors

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