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This publish was initially designed in 2014. I’ve been through and updated so that it is current in 2016.

I talk to numerous those who are at a loss for all they’ve discovered processed food, local food, organic food, etc.  They get to our farm looking for food they’re confident with however they aren’t even sure what questions you should ask. Fortunately CFSA has published a summary of questions you should ask your player that ought to help you chop lower your research legitimate food.

Additionally to posting the hyperlink, I figured I’d answer for the farm for anybody who finds out us.


1.   So why do you farm? Good Lord! That’s a good website, and the initial question too. Because I’m dumb/crazy enough to? People ask what we should produce here on the farm, and my response is, “losses.” I increased on this farm. I moved here after i was seven. My dad had developed around the family farm in Flat River, NC, near Roxboro and that he wanted to go back to his roots. In researching my lineage, I discovered our family members have been farming in Flat River since 1793. I suppose it’s within my bloodstream.

Beyond that, I like farming, especially because we don’t get it done conventionally. We survive our farm, so we eat what we should produce, frequently greater than we sell. Like a number of our customers who’ve youthful children and made the decision they desired to have healthy food choices on their behalf, we did exactly the same. As our children arrived, we’ve got into producing something that i was happy providing them with food. Like a consequence, we produce healthy, sustainable product that we’re pleased to feed for your kids too. The very best factor I’m able to say about our method is that you’re eating at restaurants in our freezer. My number 1 customer continues to be my spouse.

2.   How can you choose which products to develop? We base them back of demand, and just what we are able to grow sustainably on the farm. I’ve been offered sheep free of charge that we declined because we didn’t possess the transporting capacity on the farm on their behalf and also the cows. I’ve been asked about goats, that are verboten on the farm. I’ve had goats before, no more.

Presently we raise cows, since i like cows and that’s really our primary product. We raise pigs simply because they do well in the forest contributing to 1 / 2 of our farm is wooded. Otherwise 1 / 2 of our farm would go unused or we’d need to log it. Plus we are able to turn pigs within 8 several weeks, versus. 24 months for cows so it’s a faster change on the investment. Lastly for pigs, I Truly love our pork so even when we went 100% to cows, I’d still have a couple of pigs around the farm for the family.

3.   What sort of fertilizers would you use? We use no commercial fertilizers, nor organic ones. Our program is about building soil health, not about applying a band-help to resolve an issue. When we build the soil health, we do not need fertilizer. We’re into our 4th year of building soil and have over 2″ of topsoil.

Topsoil picture in pasture.About 2″ of topsoil, from 2014, within an area which has underperformed other parts of the pasture.

We feed produce daily and far of this produce goes into the soil through either a consequence of ingestion by our creatures (poop) or by direct connection with the soil (biodegradation). Fresh produce may be the only factor we increase our farm so we produce 20,000 pounds of produce each day onto our farm. Which means we divert in the landfill over 7 million pounds of organic material where it rather adopts our soil each year.  Obviously a lot of it’s water within the produce but we’re still adding a substantial amount of actual organic matter to the soil.

4.   How can you cope with your weeds? insects? illnesses? We encourage insects. We don’t deworm our cattle or pigs unless of course they’re showing indications of distress. We’ll then perform a fecal analysis and find out if worming is warranted therefore, we’ll then deworm. Since beginning our current management practices 2 yrs ago, we’ve not dewormed any cattle and also have had you don’t need to, confirmed by fecal tests. Dewormers cause cow poop to become toxic to bugs meaning we’ve poop that stays on the floor as dried out patties instead of being switched into the soil through the big and little critters. We rotate our cows with daily paddock moves. It takes approximately thirty days for that cows to create a lap from the farm. When they create a lap, the poop from before is finished. Whenever we wormed cattle, individuals patties would stay for several weeks.

For weeds, when there’s an area that’s growing something we don’t like (thistle, bitter weed, etc.) we make certain that’s the area where we fall off our produce during the day. This will cause a couple of things. One, the soil is disturbed through the high-impact of cattle because they feed. Because the cattle do their factor, they poop, pee, and spill lots of produce that is then trampled in to the ground. The finish outcome is a bare patch which has high concentrations of manure, urine, and organic matter. We’ve just altered the soil biology for the reason that place, resulting inside a better plant growing there. We don’t seed a place like this, we let nature determine what is enhanced to develop there. Frequently, it’s the grass that people want. If it is not, only then do we wash, rinse, repeat till it’s. If weeds are what returns up, only then do we needed more health for the reason that patch of soil.

For illnesses, you can try what we should did with Benjamin as he was sick. There are multiple posts by what we did to deal with him, including showing what drugs we gave him. If our creatures are sick, we’ll treat all of them with whatever medical science states could make them better. When they survive their illness, we will likely cull them from your herd and never utilize them for future needs. Not because there’s an problem with medications, speculate we don’t want their genetics within our herd. Had Benjamin resided, we’d have offered him to another person.

5.   Would you grow all of the items that you sell? I’m proud to state that we don’t.

Many small farms play the role of all things the start. You receive some chickens (the gateway drug to farming), adding a farm dog to ride within the farm truck obviously. A miniature milk cow, or milking goats. Then a few pigs, then meat goats. A donkey because somebody heard a coyote, then some alpaca, or turkeys, or other poultry, or ducks. You get the drift. After I visit a farm and find out there are a couple of everything, I visit a player who’s managing a zoo, not really a farm. There’s nothing wrong with this but after a while, most maqui berry farmers will discover the creatures they perform best with and concentrate with that.

We’ve had goats, different kinds of cattle, meat chickens, etc. We’ve came back to the roots with this current cattle and we’ve added pigs. Anything else is finished or disappearing.

We are able to focus such as this because we’ve rather partnered with nine other small family farms (by 2016) like us who work great at the things they’re doing. For the chicken and rabbit, make certain with Brittany Ridge Farm (who increases the Chef and also the Farmer and continues to be on the program). Buck Naked Farm handles our bees on the farm. They provide our honey, candle lights, soaps, jams, lotions, and other things they craft up. She’s always tinkering with a brand new product. Jennifer from Buck Naked can also be my master marketer helping me setup our store therefore it looks presentable.  Adam’s Vineyards are our buddies and partners and supplies our wine and grape juice. We have lamb maqui berry farmers, dairy maqui berry farmers, goat maqui berry farmers, etc. All of the products we sell are detailed around the links at our product page. 

We’re always searching to include new farms to the store since it gives our customers more choice, and much more need to come see us. The needs are they be sustainable, small family farms, then one that compliments our existing products and maqui berry farmers.

6.   Have you got any recipe recommendations/suggestions? First, it’s grass given beef. Which means it’s leaner than commercially made beef and can dry up faster than what you’re accustomed to. Whenever you prepare the first steak, pull it before you decide to think it’s ready. It’s better to become a little under than the usual little over. Generate income prepare my steaks is:

  • Bring your steaks from the fridge and allow them to reach 70 degrees. No you will not die in case your steak will get warm.
  • Sprinkle kosher salt and pepper on flat sides from the steaks.
  • Place a surefire griddle pan over high temperature till it’s nuclear hot. Let it rest on high for fifteen minutes on the gas burner, I do not understand how lengthy for electric. You actually will scorch from the seasoning. It’s worthwhile and never an issue. Make breakfast the following day and also the grease out of your sausage or bacon will rapidly reseason it.
  • Simultaneously pre-heat your oven to as hot because it goes.
  • When things are hot, and you’ve unplugged the smoke alarm (the pan will smoke because it heats) put the steaks to the hot pan Out On Another TOUCH THEM not less than 45 seconds. You will see plenty of smoke and noise, that’s good. Whenever you switch the steaks to another side for an additional 45 seconds, you need to visit a crust around the cooked side that’s brown as well as in some spots almost black although not quite. It ought to seem like these pork chops (yes this really is essentially the recipe for pork chops)

    Pork chops of the GodsPork chops from the Gods

  • To another 45 seconds for that second side, the entire pan gets into the oven for just two-3 minutes. 2 for medium rare, 3 for medium.
  • After two minutes, pull the pan and switch the steaks, then two or three minutes again.
  • Following the last little bit of cooking, pull the pan and put the steaks on another pan, engrossed in aluminum foil not less than 7 minutes. Don’t cut them, touch them, poke them, or peak. It is now time a person finishes your veggies, call the children, set the table, and open your wine (or second bottle if you’re at our home).
  • Enjoy, and send me an e-mail and tell me the way your beef was.
  • Note I did not include occasions for congratulations. I’ve family people who only eat correctly done steaks. When they come here, they get medium steaks, sorry. If you are planning to prepare your steak congratulations, you’re murdering something I’ve spent years making just like I’m able to. Leave just a little flavor within the meat and also have some pink so that you can taste the taste.


1.   Which kind of animals would you manage? Cattle, pigs, chickens, and bees. The cattle are baldy Angus. The pigs are various heritage breeds. The bees are Italian honey bees.

2.   How can you feed them? Exactly what do you feed them? Would you use organic feed? We feed everybody except the chickens grass, produce, sunshine, and water. The bees virtually feed themselves. We all do provide them with honey/supplement during the cold months.

3.   Would you use hormones? antibiotics? Not a chance! Unless of course there exists a sick animal, however that was addressed formerly.

4.   Would you give them accessibility outdoors? Could they be pasture based, the opportunity, or limited? The question for you is will we permit them inside? For that chickens, yes we all do. There is a coop where they appear and disappear as they wish. Everyone else spends all of their time outdoors. Our barns do not have areas for creatures, everybody stays on pasture or perhaps in the forest.

5.   How can you process your creatures? Is the next step it or does another person? We process some pigs for the own use so we did process a cow once. If you’re purchasing from us, your products was processed inside a USDA inspected facility. If it is beef, it will likely be Chaudhry’s in Siler City. If it is pork it will likely be either Dean Street Processing in Bailey or Acre Station in Pinetown, NC.


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NaturalDestiny: I built around the top to make a 2×4 hole for them to fall into then used a piston to push em into the 1 block and they were in. Then I just had to destroy the extra blocks and I was good. I only used two cows and I breeder them. I used wheat to lure em in

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