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So you’ve consulted your city’s municipal code regarding backyard chicken — or simply made the decision, “Cluck the neighbors, I’m getting chickens!” Next you’ll require a home for the wild birds that provides room to roam, warmth in the winter months and ventilation in summer time, and defense against urban thugs like dogs and raccoons. (For information on space needs and excellent bedding options, see last week’s interview with chicken-raising expert Gail Damerow.) Ideally your feathered friends’ abode may also be simple to neat and gather eggs — and simple around the eyes.

We predict Grist’s would-be chicken keepers will not be paying for the fashionable-yet-pricy ($1,280!) and all sorts of-plastic (boo!) Omlet Cube, but rather is going to be going for a hammer to recycled materials available on Craigslist or hacked from Ikea parts. The Web abounds with DIY coop plans and galleries on sites like Backyard Chickens and My Pet Chicken to keep you going, and lots of metropolitan areas now provide annual around awesome cribs: though Austin’s, Atlanta’s, Salt Lake City’s, and Alameda, Calif.’s are past, San antonio Tilth is sponsoring one a few days ago, on This summer 11, and Portland’s Tour de Coops is This summer 24.

Here are a few funky and/or fashionable coops that you should brood over. You can leave a hyperlink to yours within the comments!

chicken coop(Karen Wyeth)Cabin fever: This fancy coop is associated with Grist readers Karen Wyeth of Sebastopol, Calif. The created ventilation panels were a yard sale find, she states, as the oil painting of the rooster, donated with a neighbor, keeps her four ladies company.

chicken coop(adtindle)Little hens within the big winter: Grist readers Amy in Colorado submitted photos of the airy, 12-by-4-feet home for many sturdy wild birds. We have an operable window along with a louvered vent on the other side for air flow within the hot summers the elevated portion could be closed completely during snow.

chicken coop(Modern Chicken)

Pop-sicle arthouse: Should you go into the raffle for Portland’s This summer 24 Tour De Coops, you can win this mobile coop created by Modern Chicken making from recycled cedar plank.

chicken coop(BackyardChicken)Road tripper: U.K. chicken fancier Michael Thompson saved an inactive 1970 Morris Traveller in the scrapyard — or 1 / 2 of it anyway — and converted it into this swell home for four ex-battery chickens, featured on Backyard Chickens.

chicken coopPortland playhouse: Grist readers Stephanie Leikas built this well-landscaped, minimalist coop last year on her five chickens using design plans in the Garden Coop she added an uncovered extended run.

chicken coopCalifornia craftsy: Jacqueline Clemens (that’s @mizjake on Twitter) states her husband built this tidy, easy-to-house clean for his or her four hens in Davis, Calif.

chicken coop(lauralemay/Flickr)Shed-ucational reuse: California Eglu owner Laura Lemay (@lemay) made the decision to enlarge her eight girls’ digs by adapting a second hand Suncast shed she departed Craigslist — “not as cute because the Eglu but very low maintenance (hose it every couple of days).”

chicken coop( we able to live here?: This Dwell-worthy coop in Portland, Or, was custom made by Backyard Chickens member expomonster to accommodate five Bantam hens. Some-by-4-by-4-feet primary coop includes a person-sized door for cleanout along with a ceiling window underneath the slanted corrugated-plastic roof.

chicken coop(lordmarmalade/Flickr)Canadian chalet: Flickr member lord marmalade built this elegant little structure for his daughter’s birthday using all recycled materials, aside from their nails.


Choosing Chicken Breeds


tofumar: Glad I found your channel. Very informative. Also, don't poke too much fun at yourself. You are an absolute stunner.

james young: tofumar .

NymphetaminexXxGrrrl: Great informative video, my only suggestion if possible would be to put the spelling of the chicken breeds up on screen, i found with the speed of information and no visual names i had to keep pausing and replaying to sound out all the names, and hope that google could correct my misspellings and come up with the right bird. Perhaps i'm the only one having troubles with that, but otherwise great video i appreciate it :)

Sinvisigoth: Not just you. It's difficult to catch most of them.

Siobhan Sprouse: I know it's late, but she mentions (in order) the Great Layers are Barred/Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds/Whites, Australorps, Sex Links (not usually an officially recognized 'breed,' more a hybrid that tends to make females one color and males another that is typically dual-purpose layer/meat), and Leghorns. Quiet and Friendlies are Cochins, Orpingtons (which are also great layers!), Silkies, Easter-Eggers/Ameracaunas, Welsummers, and Marans. I would also HIGHLY recommend for a first-timer laying/pet breed, a Golden Comet. They're a Red Leghorn x Rhode Island Red cross and lay 6-7 large, sturdy brown eggs every week.

Super Lps Sisters: My favourite beard  of chicken is silky Bantam! Why: their so fluffy and my ones sit on my lap

Stephen Curry: mine is lavender orpington

7089490631: i.nsch

Animal Lover: This really helped me pick 

Broc Theil: +Animal Lover i love animals\n\n\n\n\n\nand hate humens


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