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Spring is finally here!  Which obviously means it’s here we are at chicks and spring coop cleaning.  If you’re much like me, you might be searching for many extra-awesome methods to brighten your chicken house this season.  Well, There is your back!  I looked the web everywhere and without a doubt, there are several genius chicken enthusiasts available!  It am difficult to narrow their list lower to simply ten amazing DIY’s which will bring your coop one stage further! Click the image to look at all these awesome chicken house hacks!

Chicken Grazing Frames:

Chicken Coop Hacks

These grazing frames in the Garden Coop are pure genius!  They permit chickens accessibility tips of grass or any other tasty sprouts while protecting the guarana plant roots from being gobbled up! They’d be simple to create with simple wood framing and mesh wire and you will find step-by-step instructions regarding how to help make your own!

DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder:

Chicken Coop Hacks

MultitaskingMaven.com shares a great tutorial that walks you thru steps to make a chicken feeder utilizing a 5-gallon bucket along with a plastic condiment platter.  I really like this a lot which i think I’m really likely to bust one out a few days ago using all individuals extra buckets we’ve laying around!

Plastic Bin Poop Catcher:

Chicken Coop Hacks

Let’s talk poop for any second: Everyone knows that chicken poop – if you’re able to catch it – is a big source of you garden and homestead.  The tricky part is catching it! Lucy Brown shared her simple way of catching everything poo on Mother Nature News.  This really is seriously so simple – you just need a plastic container and a few wire!

Shabby Chic Ladder Roosts:

Chicken Coop Hacks

There’s some serious shabby chic goodness happening at Shabby Olde Potting Shed! From dressers changed into nesting boxes to battery-operated mason jar sconces, this really is one great chicken house! These rustic ladder roosts are my personal favorite!  They’re adorable and functional!  You best believe I’ll be watching for ladders in the local flea markets this summer time!

Removable Chicken House Doors:

Chicken Coop Hacks 9

This awesome chicken house design was shared around the Backyard Chickens member pages.  This chicken house incorporates lots of function designs including removable doors. They may be removed to match air flow or replaced for safety and temperature control.  Take a look at all of their publish to determine the other awesome hacks they integrated into their coop!

Nesting Box Curtains:

Chicken Coop Hacks

Cluck Wild Homestead incorporates some big style to their little chicken house! Putting drapes on nesting boxes might help reduce undesirable broodiness among your hens, and today it can be done in fashion!  I can’t wait to seek out some scrap fabric making these for the boxes!  She even shares the measurements and directions to create these adorable chicken nest box curtains!

Chicken Perch Swing:

Chicken Coop Hacks

You’ve heard about porch swings… well, this can be a perch swing!  Also it doesn’t get much simpler to create – you just need a classic tree branch and a few rope!  Fresh Eggs Daily has got the full scoop regarding how to help make your own chicken perch swing!

Chicken House Rooftop Garden:

chicken coop hacks

While using roof of the chicken house for added growing space is among my personal favorite new ideas.  It utilizes otherwise wasted space to permit you additional room to develop vegetables because of yourself or perhaps your chickens.  Primal Palate has shared their step-by-step instructions with this amazing roof top garden! The program that’s shared requires a little building know-how, but a novice could hack out a smaller sized-scale version.

Chicken House Drunk Herbal Spray:

Chicken Coop Hacks

This DIY coop spray utilizes simple ingredients – essential oils and vodka – to create a great-smelling anti-microbial coop spray.  I’m certainly likely to create a load to test within our coop.  Get can browse the full instructions and recipe at Camp Wander!

PVC Interactive Feeder:

Chicken Coop Hacks

I recognize this DIY treat dispenser was initially made with dogs in your mind, however i would like to make one for the chicken house!  Monotony busters are an essential chicken house feature, mainly in the winter when chickens are usually less active and wish more mental stimulation.  Dogtipper shows step-by-step instructions to create your personal treat feeder. It takes minimal supplies to fabricate and it might be a terrific way to use remaining bits of PVC pipe. Grow it with nutritious treats watching your chickens possess a ball by using it!

I can’t wait to include many of these genius hacks into my own chicken house!  And talking about my own chicken house, in a few days I’ll be giving everyone a unique tour of my chicken house and discussing the hacks we’ve accustomed to make our chicken house functional, safe, and fun!  You shouldn’t miss this!  Stay current by using us on Facebook and Instagram which means you don’t miss a factor!

Until next time… Carry On Growing!

Resourse: http://projectzenstead.com/index.php/2016/03/31/10-hacks-for-your-chicken-coop/



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