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You are able to build this chicken house using these free chicken house plans. It’s

simple to do. You just need some rough cut lumber, a hammer, nails, and

a circular saw. You may also build one with regular dimensional lumber

out of your local lumber yard. I built one such as this in my chickens

last fall.

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Now let us continue individuals Free Chicken House Plans…

I’ve discovered by using this free chicken house plans design you can easily

gather the eggs, feed, and water my chickens. I personally use among the side

boxes for nesting boxes and yet another side for simple use of food and

water. This coop is comparable to the Amish built chicken coops you might

have experienced for purchase for around $2,000. I built mine with a few left

over lumber from another project therefore it switched to be free! Lets see

how it’s done step-by-step.

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FoundationThe first factor you will need to do is set up a

good foundation for the chicken house. A layer of concrete works nice but

there is no need. It might be also smart to offer the posts

with a few landscape path blocks. Your chickens have a place

they are able to get free from the sun’s rays and fluff their down using the uncovered

dirt. Chickens enjoy that within the summer time to awesome off.

Posts and Joists

Space your landscape blocks 4′ apart at two 6′

times. You’ll be established to develop a 4×6 feet chicken house. A hen

house this size will easily hold 10 – 12 hens.

First you will have to lay 2 4′ lengthy 4×4 posts on the floor spaced 6′ apart.

Compare well one foot and nail the first floor joist in position. I

used 2×6 with this because it is exactly what I’d, but 2×4 joists might work

equally well, in the end chickens don’t weigh much.

Next perform the same factor with another 2 posts.

Now assemble them and nail 4′ joists towards the ends. Nail all of those other floor joists in position so they seem like this.

Make use of a square to check on all your posts and joists to be certain they’re square and plum.


Now you have to construct the ground of the chicken house. I made use of 1×8 rough cut lumber with this but you can utilize plywood too.


the lumber out in order that it overhangs the edges from the coop by 1 feet on

both sides. To along side it nesting box and also the feed and water box.

Now nail the flooring towards the joists with 8d nails. Make certain

you retain looking for square and you are careful to obtain all of the

boards flush with one another. One trick that you can do in order to save time would be to

nail it’s lower before you decide to cut these to length then measure and mark

all of the boards and cut all of them simultaneously.

Girts and Headers

You can now incorperate your girts and headers towards the chicken house. Make certain

to overhang your headers 2” beyond the posts. This can offer the 2 finish

rafters. You should do that so that you can can nail the

siding towards the rafters and also the finish joists.

The 2×4 girts will have to be attached 8 inches over the floor it props up nest box lid, dividers and window.


Now build 4 rafters as proven, and fix these to the headers 2′ apart.

The rafters during these free chicken house plans possess a 10/12 pitch however, you

may construct your rafters with whatever angel suits your likes. Simply make

certain to add some mix brace. The mix brace doubles as the top

door frame.

Roof and Siding

The next thing is to connect roof sheathing towards the rafters. You are able to

use rough cut 1×8’s or plywood to get this done. Decide the amount of an

overhang you would like and cut the pieces to suit. Now attach 1×8 vertical

siding to the back and front from the coop departing a dent for that


The only real siding you have to affix to the edges are single

pieces to pay for the posts, all of those other sides is going to be taught in

nesting boxes and home windows.

Nesting Boxes

Once you nail the siding in position cut some pieces for that nesting boxes

and food box as proven. Make 4 finish pieces, 2 covers, 2 sides, and 4


Assemble all of the pieces as proven. Make certain to space the dividers at 1

feet increments to create comfortable sized nesting boxes. Attach the

covers with hinges, make use of a scrap piece wood to aid the covers within an open


Home windows

All that’s necessary for that home windows is a few hardware cloth and a pair of bits of 1x

stock cut to suit the outlet. Attach the hardware cloth towards the inside

from the opening with staples and also the 1x towards the outdoors with relies upon the

top. Cut some scrap pieces to aid your window covers when you wish

these to most probably.


You can now construct your door. Use 1×4’s to border it as proven and

plywood or rough cut lumber to complete the frame. Attach hinges along with a

latch. An outdoor gate latch can be useful for this or create a simple

turn latch with a bit of scrap lumber along with a nail.

Finishing Touches

There’s a couple of steps you can take to include some finishing touches for your

chicken house. Cut a little hole about 8×10 inches for that chickens to visit

out and in. Make use of a 2 feet lengthy bit of 1×8 to create a ramp. Cover the

eves with 1x or plywood. Nail shingles or any other roofing towards the roof

boards. Build an outside covered chicken run. And, finally paint your

new chicken house to fit your backyard decor.

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Now that you’ve got a coop, you will have to choose the best chickens for the new coop!

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