Chicken house hop 2015

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3rd Annual South Shore Coop Tour

Saturday, May 16, 10am-4pm (Rain or Shine)

$6 M / $8 NM tickets ahead of time $10 day-of event

Tickets should be presented each and every coopIMG_1940 (3)

Children four years and under have the freedom

Funds elevated support educational programs from the José Carreiro Children’s Garden in the South Shore Natural Science Center.

Tour Massachusetts’ beautiful South Shore to determine a range of private backyard chicken coops demonstrating how you can house and take care of chicken. Homeowners will share their attempted and true methods, plus some unique solutions, useful for predator protection, surviving New England’s weather, making certain flock health, and much more. Get your tickets in the Science Center where one can satisfy the chickens and wander with the José Carreiro Children’s Garden, purchase chicken-inspired gifts and handcrafts, and discover from “Friends of the Feather” 4-H people. The award-winning youth 4-H people, ages 8-fifteen years, will share their impressive selection of understanding about raising backyard chickens including incubating eggs and the way to prepare chickens for show at competitions. Beginner and experienced chicken keepers alike may benefit from finding a range chicken keepers’ plans for housing and taking care of these popular pets that offer food and fun!


Chicken Coop, Syrup | Ask TOH, Episode 16 (2015)


XzTS: Those chickens are all like, "So why are you in jail|prison?"

USALibertarian: Until they change the USB "standard."

Brian NG: Nice coop

kerryithm2: SO, your actually robbing the ENERGY bank of the tree, How Long for the the tree to recoup? curious.

wayneyd2: With all the steam it generated. Maybe you can build a steam box to bend wood. Maybe build a boat or some cool stuff?

Slick Roode: "I hope it doesn't leak". Lol


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