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How to find a chicken house - highland heights farm - experience rural living of new great ideas

This publish has developed in the “draft” folder for many several weeks. We would have liked to document the way we chose our chicken house and grow it filled with sources for the readers. We would have liked this to become somewhere people will come to reference info on selecting the very best chicken house for your requirements. After many tries to write this publish, there is still something just missing. Finally, it dawned upon us, it simply didn’t seem like us. So, I scrapped your blog filled with information, stats and sources and am providing you with the actual story about how we FINALLY chose our chicken house! Whenever you visit our farm, fundamental essentials real people you’ll meet!

1.We googled chicken coops and created TONS of helpful information. We thought we would have liked a couple of chickens and located The Eco-friendly Roof Chicken Coops. It was IT. Our chicken house!

2.We planned to obtain chickens early in the year of 2012.

3.In nov 2011, we discovered i was expecting our first child.

4.The thought of getting chickens early in the year absolutely doesn’t happen whenever we remained as creating our perfect nursery early in the year of 2012.

5.Throughout the summer time of 2012, the thought of chickens emerged again. So, we googled chicken coops and created plenty of new great ideas!

6.We made the decision we’d have 20 chickens, not only a half dozen.

7.This meant our perfect chicken house wasn’t any longer likely to work. We considered getting 4-5 from the small coops and creating a little hen garden, however that would occupy an excessive amount of land.

8.So, to google!

9.We found a few coops we loved, but made the decision the price only agreed to be an excessive amount of and Evan would make our coop.

10.Repeat #1 and #8 ( a couple of more occasions)

11.We purchased a few guides and blueprints for help make your own chicken coops.

12.We made the decision we didn’t like every of individuals designs and Evan remained up very late one evening.

13.The following morning Evan presents their own plans for any coop!

How to find a chicken house - highland heights farm - experience rural living Whenever you14.Feb 2013, we placed our order using the local feed store for the 20 chicks.

15.Starting building our coop, obviously it had been the very coldest weekend ever in March. Obviously it had been.

16.Obtain a little stuck on building the coop and get in touch with the help of Evan’s father!

17.The “weekend project” of creating a coop switched right into a 6-8 week lengthy process.

18.Choose that most likely the extra $1500 to pay for another person to construct the coop, may have been worthwhile!

19.Finish track of an attractive Chicken House that cost rather less, but was much more work.

And that’s the way the Overbays of Highland Heights Farm chose their perfect chicken house in under 20 steps!

How to find a chicken house - highland heights farm - experience rural living 1500 to pay for another

The Tower Chicken Coop

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