San antonio chicken house and concrete farm tour – $ 100 per month

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Seattle Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour

Yesterday the lady Who Thinks She’s a Bird and that i headed out early to look into the San antonio Chicken House and concrete Farm Tour.  There were a lot of coops and gardens to determine it had been crazy fun!

black australorp chicken

To tell the truth, I do not think I’ve ever seen a lot of pampered chickens before within my existence. Not just were these hens happy, but a number of of these were attempting to take place and petted too.

Seattle Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour

The chicken coops around the San antonio chicken house tour were a awesome mixture of recycled urban hipsters coops, to full out designer chicken coops chicken house anywhere!.

garden boxes

There were gardens, numerous of gardens. From elevated garden boxes to small farms.

caged doves

One house we stopped by even had doves.

rain barrel water system

We observed rain barrels were pretty common as well.

Seattle Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour

Here’s another coop. I believe that one may have been my personal favorite. 

Seattle Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour

Despite the fact that these folks had 8 hens, the wild birds had tons of room. The chickens could roost within the 2 story area of the coop, spend time within the covered area, or go sun themselves and take dirt baths within the uncovered sunny front area of the coop.

Seattle Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour

Turn to the underside left of the picture, you will see a sun shade. Are you able to imagine? How cute is the fact that?

carrot in dirt

I do not know though, basically was certainly one of individuals pampered chickens living the great existence in suburbia, I would just spend my days scheming up method to dig underneath the pen to retreat to your garden to gobble up all of the vegetables as the proprietors were sleeping. 😉

The San antonio Urban Chicken House and concrete Farm Tour was awesome. I’m glad we went!


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Resourse: antonio-chicken-coop-and-urban-farm-tour/

Building with CONCRETE and LUMBER – Primitive Plus (Part 3) – ARK: Survival Evolved


Justin Matthe: Pleas help my i don't find Sand on the Center Who i find this??

Aleinhunter247: how do you get steel

FaeryVixen: just found you today, was getting bored with my regular Ark crew…too much annunaki and not much else…subbed!

Duffington Bear: Is ADobe comparible to metal as fas as the amount of health they get?

robert cabanillas: great video, please make more p+

Soda De Average: Can you do a subscriber lobby sometime?

GTJack3d: +Soda De Random Of course I can. I'll keep you posted.

Soda De Average: +GTJack3d ok sweet

LuisEdGm: the axe seems glitched indeed, could you make a vid showing the effectiveness of the prim+ building materials? like how wood compares to lumber, stone vs adobe, etc\nalso it seem concrete&brick is almost metal tier, but it feels like a slightly better stone

GTJack3d: Yea I will definitely go over all the building materials once I have built them all so we can test which are better.

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