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Isn’t it time to determine our chicken house tour? I can’t let you know how excited I had been if this demonstrated up Friday! We couldn’t wait to obtain began. I understood I would need to watch for my husband’s help, since this is not really a one individual job. Rather, a several person’s job.

Because of us getting chickens suddenly, we’d to construct a makeshift coop (here’s a relevant video from it). We really were built with a raccoon within the chicken house one evening! Most likely, because it wasn’t very predator proof! Consequently, it had been merely a temporary deal. We understood it might most likely not endure very lengthy.Chicken-coop-tour. Tour of the Rhode Island Homestead Chicken Coop, from the #ad The Chicken Coop Company. Homesteading, chickens, chicken lady.  Homestead Wishing, Author, Kristi Wheeler

We put our chicken house together on Saturday. It had been really quite simple to complete. There are plenty of parts but, the directions were fairly simple to follow. The chickens appear to like their new coop to date.  They have the freedom range wild birds typically, but they’ll be imprisoned, for a moment, in the coop and run not less than per week. This can educate them they have a brand new crib. They won’t be over sleeping the makeshift coop! We are tearing that mess lower immediately! YAY!


First, you begin because they build the coop. This really is pretty easy since there are dowels which help fall into line these parts.


Now, are you able to see my hubby lower there? He’s screwing towards the bottom pieces.


The next thing is is placing the ladder and also the chicken door opener. Begin to see the metal bar around the door? It enables me to spread out the coop door without getting just to walk in to the chicken run, which we’ll attach in later pictures.


Within this step, we added the poop deck (slide in tray) and also the roosting bars. What are individuals huge holes within the sides? Begin to see the next picture…20161015_164009

Individuals holes are in which the nesting boxes go. You will find 6 individual nesting areas for that 10-15 wild birds you might keep inside! This picture shows among the nesting boxes with 3 individual nesting areas. On the other hand is yet another one!


The nesting boxes are attached at this time.


And… the rooftop continues!


The covers for that nesting boxes are set up.

Chicken-coop-tour. Tour of the Rhode Island Homestead Chicken Coop, from the #ad The Chicken Coop Company. Homesteading, chickens, chicken lady.  Homestead Wishing, Author, Kristi Wheeler

The supervisor approves from the work so far…


Here i am obtaining the chicken run together.


A more in-depth picture from the chicken run. We’re going to attach it towards the chicken house.20161015_173055

The chickens are there pecking around the wood. They’re so nosey!


It is only about done! Finally…


It appears very good right? This photo tour is performed now. I additionally hope that you’ll enjoy my video tour from the chicken house, since it is my favorite one yet! This is actually the video…

I designed a video tour from the chicken house I’m improving at making these videos! This is actually the best video I believe I’ve made to date! Tell me that which you consider my new coop within the comments!

Per week or higher went by since obtaining the chicken house. We acclimated the chickens for their new house, because should you not do that, they’ll return to their old coop. So, after i allow them to out I figured they’d most likely, run for freedom. Rather, the alternative happened. One of these ran out, after which ran in. It appears like, these were nervous once again. Unclear about their atmosphere. They most likely just needed a while in the future around to the thought of being free!

Now, it appears like happy within their new house. Given that they have experienced time for you to get accustomed to their new house and free varying again, they’re more comfortable than ever before! I’m first and foremost happy to the fact that the chicken house joined together right before the cold temperature made an appearance. The makeshift coop, was made from fencing with large holes, so it most likely could have been very drafty. Therefore, it wouldn’t have stored them very warm over these cold night we’re getting.

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Our New Chicken Coop and Run: Take the tour


Anyo Nes Mirked: Beautiful coop. Thanks for sharing ��

The Antique Autistic: it's beautiful. This is our first year of having chickens and we LOVE them. subscribed

Cole's Backyard Coop: The Antique Autistic Thanks for following us. We have loved having chickens and the fresh eggs…nothing like it. Enjoy your flock and Happy Chicken Keeping!

KikiB1121: what kind of top soil did you put in your run? organic?

Cole's Backyard Coop: Hi. It's all natural top soil sold at Lowes. The girls love it.

Kenneth Gruning Jr.: Very Nice New Coop, After 8 years with the old one you deserve a new coop. I lost one of my laying chickens to a snake the other day, I also use the same wire cloth you used, However I had a 3/4" gap around my main door that he probably got through. Live and learn I say. At first I thought it was a Rat, but after seeing fang marks on the fake plastic eggs I use I knew it was a snake. Looking to get a snake trap they are made of plastic and some sort of glue that once the snake gets on it , it cant get off, a little costly but effective and beats loosing good laying chickens.

Kenneth Gruning Jr.: she stayed on the eggs for 10 days then all of a sudden left the nest and didn't want to return, go figure. So I went out and bought 6 12 week rhode island reds all hens. Now I'm up to 15 hens and 2 roosters.

Cole's Backyard Coop: Wow, you have a big flock now. I love the RIRs. They are great layers. Good luck.

Izayah Matli: Hi I like your coop. Delaware's sometimes have pretty big comb. The 3 that I have have some good size comb. When they lay eggs you might want to put straw or shavings so their eggs don't break. It might also be comfortable with straw or shavings.

Cole's Backyard Coop: Thanks. I am planning to add straw to the nestboxes when the girls are 4 months old. I sure hope that Delaware with the larger comb is a hen.


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