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A couple of days back, my pal Whitney from Whitney’s Workshop authored saying she desired to build her sister a traditional shed style coop.  She desired to construct it with traditional framing techniques, and employ t1-11 siding. 

Did not take me much to jump in – pun not intended there!

She stated "chicken houseInch and you’ve got been requesting chicken coops for a long time now!  Shame on me.

And So I came up a fairly fundamental shed style chicken house having a door somewhere along with a humble sloping roof.  Nothing fancy.

Which is what Whitney builds.

In 30 hrs – how’s that possible, I’d be painting! – Whitney and her family built this coop.  

I enjoy they saved money and used wood pallets for that foundation.  

They found old home windows and used them.

They opted for this lovely shade of turquoise.

However I love probably the most this chicken house was built with a family with love.

Many thanks Whitney for letting me use yourself on this project.  I cannot wait to help you out on the move!

Here’s from Whitney:

We did use 2×3’s for that framing also it really did exercise nice. They’re just a little harder to utilize since they’re less ridged like a 2×4. But at a price savings of approximately $.75 per board it truly saves.


 We did apply certain old wood home windows and opted not to result in the shutters operational. My concern could be that the shutters would repel the daylight that can help keep your chicks warm during the cold months. So this can be a choice for somebody who are able to get hold of home windows. We used some barn wood for that shutters… so cute! 

 Another change, we didn’t result in the front from the nesting box hinge. From things i read the hens maintain their nesting box fairly clean so it ought to be simple to wash it in the top. This helps to make the nesting box extra strong (my 5 years old nephew had been caught waiting in it!). 

Another switch to the nesting box, I managed to get shorter. After we got the wood up to the coop it had been method to deep and could have been challenging for the hens to go into and out. I shortened sides by 4" which left it about a 3" drop in to the box.

Please stop over and look for more construction photos and browse more tips from Whitney from Whitney’s Workshop.  Thank you again Whitney and family!


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A. GM: Very good video and build!

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Seth Galitzer: Great project! I'm a fan of 2×4 construction. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

YouCanMakeThisToo: +Seth Galitzer thanks for watching! You can do a lot with 2x4s.

Wood.Work.LIFE.: Great build!

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