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It constantly is amazing to me how Ikea online hackers find new uses of traditional Ikea goodies. Aaron Bell and wife Corinne design a comfortable Ikea home for any couple of cute chicks.

He states, “My wife and that i lately experienced urban chicken farming and built a coop on their behalf almost completely from materials from Ikea.”

We used the next Ikea products:
– Mydal bunkbed
– Trofast storage space with shallow drawers
– Vika Oleby legs
– Gorm bottle rack

The coop frame is made of the bunkbed. We hacked the supports to create mounting the rooftop simpler, and used the leftover slats in the top bunk for that side paneling. The storage space with drawers has been
employed for the chicken’s beds, and that i used more leftover wood to create the hinged door quietly to create egg collection simpler.

The leading door can also be leftover wood in the bed. When the frame was put together, we weatherproofed the frame, because the bunkbed wood comes incomplete from Ikea. Also, we set plywood for that floor from the
coop, using slats for support.

The bottle rack designed a excellent (and economical) ramp to the beds, and also the legs provide extra support for that heavy storage space.

The only real non-Ikea pieces we used were the mesh, plywood/beams for that roof (that is 3x coated with reflective paint so that they can keep your heat out), and also the hardware for that hinges and latches.

We hung the feeder and waterer in the roof with a simple washer / secure / s-hook hack job. All in all, this project required a month’s price of weekends, and it was a great time to accomplish.

Resourse: http://ikeahackers.internet/2009/06/

IKEA HACK – Kitchen Island DIY Project


CALife: For the top, I would have screwed the screws from the bottom so you can't see them.

Mumma Mia: there is a resin you can get to fill screw holes

Lorenzo Fontana: I was about to comment with the same ;)

Robert B.: I'm all for hiding screws and nails if I can. So I don't understand why many crafts people screw through the tops of anything? Your base and top could have easily been secured from their undersides, thus hiding any screw holes and hardware. But in the end you project really turned out nice.

daniel gc: sawdust (boards) + white glue -> paste. Add some of that paste on top of each screw. Sand it when dry. Problem solved.

Camelia Koman: Robert B.

Stacee Lea A: great idea..I wonder if you could somehow attach two shelving units together to make a bigger island? ��

The Garden of Weeden: The trim used to decorate the unit, could also be used to hide any hardware needed to connect two units to make a larger island feature.

edith george: Daisy

TayukiVlogs: Honestly I'd probably leave the three planks on the back off and keep this in the middle of my kitchen as an island.

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