National chicken council announces new sources on broiler welfare

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National chicken council announces new sources on broiler welfare noted Tom Super

In order to recognize and then respond to your questions about chicken production, the nation’s Chicken Council today through its Chicken Sign In initiative announced several new sources relating to broiler chicken welfare and chicken products.

The stunning of chickens – rendering the wild birds unconscious and insensible to discomfort – continues to be the topic of considerable research and discussion. There’s one primary approach to stunning broilers just before slaughter within the U.S. and that’s "electrical stunning." There’s also a restricted quantity of facilities within the U.S. that use a system knows as "controlled atmosphere stunning." Dr. Karen Christensen, extension chicken specialist/ affiliate professor in the center of Excellence for Chicken Science, College of Arkansas, solutions probably the most faq’s and benefits and drawbacks of every system inside a new FAQ published on Chicken Sign In.

Second, a brand new video continues to be published to Chicken Check In’s "Day within the Existence" video series which brings viewers in the typical chicken house to understand exactly what a day within the existence of the broiler chicken is much like. This bite-sized video, "How Chickens Are Really Elevated. Legitimate,Inch covers the very first day chicks arrive towards the farm to when they’re transported to processing.

Finally, market research through the National Chicken Council discovered that nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of shoppers stated chicken labels and packaging were confusing. To obvious up some common chicken labeling misperceptions, a brand new blog publish around the Chicken Sign In blog, "The Cluck," breaks lower five confusing labels on chicken products and just what they really mean.

"The mission of Chicken Sign In would be to provide individuals who’ve questions with the amount of information they need concerning the care and safety from the chicken they eat, and also to feel positive about eating it," noted Tom Super, National Chicken Council senior v . p . of communications. "We are dedicated to ongoing to operate to construct consumer trust by inviting Americans to inquire about the questions they’ve now and later on because they find out more about chicken production."

National chicken council announces new sources on broiler welfare published on

These sources develop individuals already located on www.ChickenCheck.In, on subjects for example: "slow growing" chickens broiler size and growth rates lighting, enrichments, stocking density and stunning issues the breeding process and contract chicken farming.

Source: NCC

National chicken council announces new sources on broiler welfare would be to

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