The $154 egg: mistakes to prevent when raising chickens

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The $154 egg: mistakes to prevent when raising chickens discuss whether we would have

Our second mistake ended up being to think that a raccoon couldn’t open the chicken house. Because the raccoons living here around the hill around (your dog raccoons, John calls them), regularly have the ability to open garbage cans and compost bins making served by our suet feeders, we began to secure individuals firmly. We assumed our sturdily built coop didn’t need further security. I was wrong.

We stored the chicken house along with other equipment away for the moment. Which was 2 yrs ago. From time to time, we’d discuss whether we would have liked to test raising chickens again. We always stated we would have liked to repeat the process, however the time never appeared right. Finally this spring we made the decision the time had come.

Once we started planning to once more try our hands at raising chickens, John saw a sizable coyote within our backyard. We’ve resided here let’s focus on more than a decade, but haven’t seen a coyote. We’ve heard them during the night although not frequently and were not even sure it had been coyotes i was hearing We’ve heard other residents complain about the subject, but it wasn’t an element that caused us any concern until we started intending to acquire some more chickens

Nonetheless, we endured. We cleared up the coop and added some latches towards the closings in order that it could be safer. We bought some feed, making intends to purchase some pullets from your local Mennonite player. It so happened, he’d four pullets left. We introduced them home, insert them in our coop with water and food and closed the latches safely. The following day whenever we checked in it, we’d three eggs.

A couple of days later, once they were acclimated towards the location, we allow them to from the coop to roam the yard. They were elevated inside a coop in the Mennonite’s and stored within our coop for 3 days as we introduced them home, however they required towards the free roaming immediately. The opportunity chickens are pleased chickens, and ours appeared happy and content. That night they went back in to the coop with no problem, so we closed it safely, ensuring to lock the latches.


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