New diy chicken house – invironment – medium

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New diy chicken house – invironment – medium Still missing chicken-wire in

Another “innovation” which i cribbed from another farm I labored at is getting elements hang in the ceiling with a chain. I used to be using arms sticking from the wall previously, but there’s always a danger the wild birds will roost around the support, and crap in to the food or water. Hanging from the ceiling such as this serves a dual purpose: you steer clear of the “crap-in-water” problem, and you may always hitch the hanging element up greater temporarily if you want to operate in the area. Plus I acquired to purchase an enjoyable hook along with a chain, that we loved. Yes, I’m a hardware weirdo.

Split roosts

I previously had this egalitarian ideal about chickens. When I gave them enough space, they’d all roost together on a single perch. I’ve literally never witnessed this happen. In several six, a minumum of one will invariably go roost elsewhere (as with the nesting box, which may be ‘crappy’ simply because they poop when they sleep and sully it). So, I’m accommodating rather from jump for that hierarchies/variations in bird groups and allow them to have a few places available at different heights. I’ve found that stacking roost above roost doesn’t work great, because nobody desires to sleep directly underneath several chickens who are likely to poop in it through the night lengthy. Yes, you are able to offset them, however i don’t genuinely have space to experience with this here, which works best for me.

Putting it all together

Here’s a go with all the components together — er, mostly together. Still missing chicken-wire in upper panels. After using this, I finished up moving the waterer to become more centered backward and forward perches.

New diy chicken house – invironment – medium go with allResourse:
New diy chicken house – invironment – medium all roost

DIY Medium Sized Backyard Chicken Coop – Simple & Easy


D.I.R: Would any changes occur if I only want a small coop for about 2-3 chickens?

Stan Sullivan: Nope.

nicky lavia: sweet idea

Syed Abdur Rahim: this is great ive been trying to find something like this thanks btw how long did it take u to make the coop

Woodys DIY: Brilliant video I picked up a lot of tips, well explained, thank you

Protonic Protonic: I was just was in Florida at universal

Epic Ender: how much square feet are in this?

Stan Sullivan: +Epic Ender Check website

Epic Ender: +Stan Sullivan ok thanks

Caroline Schisler: Thanks!


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