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Chickens and bees – christine hyung-oak lee did my animal research


I’ve been intending to talk about my burgeoning urban farm (I’d say homestead, but I’m simply not there yet–though it’s my ultimate goal to possess one). Another night, I selected up a nuc of bees, and that i figure it’s now time for you to share just a little along with you.


I’ve wanted bees since i have was 8 years of age and did my animal research set of bees. What little I learned then, nurtured an increasing love and interest for bees. Where my buddies had bee fear, I'd none. I loved their diligence and located their worker hierarchy endlessly interesting. My uncle on my small mom’s side would be a chicken player and chicken vet. I recall seeing his farm of chickens and being afraid of the raw quantity of cheeping chicks and squawking hens. However I was struck and interested, once again–they had joined my psyche and my world and weren't any longer an overseas factor however a farm animal to become grown and nurtured.

I Then visited my pal Novella Carpenter’s urban farm about 10 years ago–and that helped me wish to undertake a metropolitan farm and obtain some chickens.

My hubby-at-the-there was a time firmly opposed. He wanted a strictly ornamental, well-manicured garden. And that he wasn’t hot about animals, not to mention the 2 tomato vegetables Used to do obtain that wound up attracting rats, to his great dismay. So individuals plans were on hold indefinitely. Until they weren't.

Since we are estranged, I’ve made the decision to reside out my dreams and liberation by means of a metropolitan farm. The very first Spring after we separated, I began by planting food plants in dirt containers (I did not have energy or time in excess of that). A couple of bananas, a blueberry plant, and a few herbs. Literally, I had been so exhausted from heartbreak and depression as well as an infant I couldn’t fathom the thought of hauling in dirt and compost and making extensive beds.

However I ended up getting chickens that year and generate a rudimentary coop. That flock (named following the women from the Great Gatsby: Daisy, Jordan, and Myrtle)–was slaughtered by raccoons several weeks later.

But there is still your garden. The following Spring, I brought out a couple of ornamentals and include a couple of vegetable beds. I increased a lot of tomato plants and tomatillos. I'd fun canning sauces.

I had been determined so we got another flock right after, foxes moved into our neighborhood and slaughtered the following hens (Princesses this time around, in recognition of my daughter’s dependence on princesses (alas!)–Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White-colored), too. I had been very sad. I had been extremely guilt ridden because of not getting done better. But a minimum of the foxes (unlike the raccoons) eat chickens they seize. There was some solace in being a member of natural food chain. Also it was bittersweet to determine the fox babies (two kits).


My boyfriend and that i required a rest from chickens until we understood we're able to meet up a totally fox-proof coop setup. I understand mistakes are inevitable, however i try very difficult to avoid making exactly the same ones.

We brought out more ornamentals, elevated your bunk beds we'd, supplemented our clay and alkaline soil with compost and fertilizer, coupled with an effective vegetable garden. And built a much better coop located in a far more secure place in which the fringe of the run could take a seat on concrete and also the chickens themselves were on soil–thereby which makes it impossible for any fox to dig under and in to the run.

We used the eglu cube from omlet and attached walk-in chicken run having a skirt–it labored for all of us called the easiest most simple solution for the needs.

We've got more chickens. They're secure for the reason that coop I have seen a mans fox on the top from the coop’s roof. And I have seen the feminine fox jump from the side from the coop–but the chickens were safe. It had been nice to determine it QA’d and safe.


Using the vegetable garden exercising, and also the chickens safe, I made the decision the time had come to obtain bees, part of my plan because the first times of gardening in dirt containers. And So I purchased a nuc earlier this winter from Biofuel Oasis, very gentle bees from Randy Oliver’s farm in Grass Valley. And That I visited my personal favorite urban farm store, Pollinate Farm and Garden, in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood where I received my hive setup and bee suit and tools using the guidance from the shop’s owner Yolanda, certainly one of my very favorite sources for urban farming matters. She and that i have grown to be buddies through the years, from years back whenever we were built with a random email exchange about creating kimchi.


And so the bees showed up on Saturday night! There have been 50 plus people excited and able to get bees. The hives each got obsessed with sheets i was told to usher in for that clarify. It had been exciting to setup the hive. I mean–because I purchased nucs inside a deep super, it had been mostly about setting this area on the hive stand, but nonetheless. It had been night time! I was getting home bees at nighttime! There these were!

But for the past 2 days, I’ve been deeply in love with them, and looking into them every couple of hrs, sitting through the hive and watching the game round the boxes. Used to do enter in the hive once, from complete curiosity–but otherwise have remaining the hive alone to construct comb and perform the work of creating a house here.

Gah, I really like bees. Guys, I'm LIVING My Favorite Existence.


Bees cause me to feel feel lazy. They’re constantly at the office. The only real reason they sting you happens because you’ve become when it comes to the work they do. All of their existence cycle is composed of jobs: feeding, building comb, guarding, foraging. They spend their last couple of days foraging in most cases die outdoors the hive, pooped out from…well, working.


I’ve designed a couple of mistakes with chickens. And i'm a complete newbie to bees. Don’t ask me anything about beekeeping at this time, because I’ve just begun. Actually, I’d welcome a mentor acquainted with beekeeping within the san francisco bay area. I’m *obsessed* with Tim the Bee Man online I believe we do not have much in keeping, however i am attracted to the love for bees and the general charisma.

I really like my bees and am curious and feel a lot better when near them. I love their buzzing. I might generate a bench near these to read within the shade from the southern magnolia, wishing their effort rubs off on my small writing.

I’m also so enticed to place up a number of youtube videos on beekeeping. Not really a “how to” (since I’m greatly learning), however , only a “sharing/how shall we be held doing, master beekeepers? Ideas? Feedback?” series.

Here’s a relevant video I designed for a buddy concerning the chickens and bees, which i made the decision to talk about here as well as on youtube:


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