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Indiana doesn’t have laws and regulations against raising roosters and hens. But other locales, like Lafayette and Noblesville, aren’t so chicken-friendly. As well as if your town gives backyard chickens the thumbs-up, neighborhood covenants might deem them verboten. Certain blocks within the Fall Creek Place neighborhood, for instance, call foul on backyard fowl.

[2] Be Aware Of BREEDS

When choosing a flock, three characteristics matter most—egg production, winter hardiness, and temperament (yes, chickens have personalities). Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, and Leghorns are great egg-layers that may withstand Indiana’s cold winter. Should you just need a couple of feathered buddies, opt for some mop-headed Silkies—a small, docile breed with downy down along with a penchant for cuddling.

[3] Get The HOUSE So As

Coops are available in all shapes and sizes—from scrap-wood shanties to Neiman Marcus’s $100,000 Love Coop, including a chandelier. You are able to download blueprints or buy kits online companies for example Amish furniture-maker The inside should encompass 2-to-3 square ft per bird and also have both a roosting bar (in which the chickens sleep) and nesting boxes with straw (in which the hens lay their eggs). Chickens also require a little bit of room to stretch their legs—a chicken run. Plan not less than 4 square ft of outside space per bird.


Past the bare essentials, a coop could be tricked by helping cover their heated water bowls and 24-hour lighting to improve egg production (because hens only lay when it’s light out). A bedding of affordable pine shavings absorbs moisture and odor, sweeps up easily, and makes great rich compost.


Among the greatest mistakes first-time chicken maqui berry farmers make is beginning by helping cover their a lot of chickens. You’ll desire a manageable flock of 10 or fewer initially, and a few proprietors think that getting one rooster one of the hens works as a type of crowd control. A mans keeps the females lined up helping safeguard the audience from predators.

[6] Provide The BABIES SOME TLC

Chicks are utilized to being sitting on. To simulate this, days-old babies should be stored inside a 95-degree atmosphere, under heat lamps—with the temperature decreased five levels each week for six days. Frequently, chicken-proprietors build small plywood brooders, or brooding boxes, for this function. The boxes are outfitted having a heater on the chain so the heater could be moved farther in the chain because the days pass.

[7] FEED Everyone

To create an egg, a chicken needs 5 ounces of feed each day. With the rise in recognition of backyard chickens, feed are available at places like Habig Garden Shop. (See “Hen City” here.) But like feathered garbage disposals, chickens will eat nearly anything—especially kitchen scraps.


Though chickens take presctiption the low finish from the maintenance scale, they are doing require upkeep. Within the warmer several weeks, cleanse the coop at least one time per week. During the cold months several weeks, it’s do not to alter the bedding whatsoever. Given some time, their waste will start to compost, creating heat.

[9] Place Your CHICKENS To Operate

Incessant peckers, chickens will turn leaf piles into excellent compost. When left inside a garden, they’ll go lower the rows digging for worms, arriving the soil along the way.

[10] Watch Out For PREDATORS

“I’ve been raising for around 4 years now,” states Andrew Brake, who manages Nap Town Chickens, “and I’ve lost these to hawks, possums—even rats. It’s typical for any chicken player to get rid of a hen once in a while to predators. That’s just some of it.Inches Since the coop in wire fencing helps safeguard the animals from wild birds of prey, and also the barrier ought to be dug in to the ground to help keep creatures from burrowing underneath the fence.


Eggs ought to be collected daily and could be rinsed under flowing water. Special egg-washers can be found, but unnecessary. Some fresh-egg enthusiasts prefer to have their spoils around the counter top, however the Food and drug administration recommends storing eggs—even individuals from backyard hens—in the refrigerator. To prevent salmonella, prepare eggs completely.

[12] Benefit From The SHOW

As possible expected from the species that the word “pecking order” was created, chickens alllow for interesting viewing. It isn’t unusual to allow them to chase one another round the backyard and fight a little. Trust us: This is preferable to television.


Photos by Tony Valainis illustrations by Chris Pyle.

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