Location and planning your chicken’s home

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Location and planning your chicken's home The colour

Location is Everything!

Room within the Yard

You’ll want to get the best place in your yard to place chicken’s new house.

The physical characteristics of the backyard or lot would be the primary factor when selecting where to place chicken house. Consider just how much yard space you need to dedicate to your coop.

This will be significant since the available yard space may limit the dimensions

and layout of the planned chicken house.


to test lounging out card board pieces in order to rope from the location you are thinking about using. This should help you to visualise the dimensions and space of the planned coop as it requires your yard.


chickens inside your backyard will be more enjoyable for those who have your chicken

coop site and accessories inside a well organized and simply accessible location.

Sun and Shade

While your backyard chickens enjoy basking under the sun, they have to also get access to shade throughout the

hot times of summer time. Look into the position associated with a existing shade source such

as trees, etc.

The colour tone source can safeguard the chickens from rain and wind as

along with the sun’s rays.

When the winters

are harsh in your town, you will want to position your chicken house facing south. It can give your brand-new flock probably the most warmth possible in the sun throughout the winter several weeks once they require it most.


Your coop ideally ought to be put on dry, level ground using the water draining from it.

Without good drainage water puddles can build. These wet, muddy areas could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and disease.

Chicken manure that will get combined with the dirt could possibly get tracked

in to the coop creating an unsanitary, unhealthy atmosphere for the flock.

By putting your backyard coop inside a well considered place you will have a nice, healthy atmosphere to boost your flock in.

And healthy, happy chickens  will lay much more of individuals scrumptious, nutritious eggs for your family to savor.


How close are the neighbors? Avoid

locating your chicken house too near to other people.  Sounds,

smells and dirt will have a negative impact on them.

Attempt to select a location

which will help you stay a great neighbor.

Close to your house or Hidden From View?

Possibly you’d rather place

your chicken house ready close to your residence, especially if you’ve got a

chicken house that‘s attractive and compliments your house, therefore it may be fun to

have the ability to be careful about your chicken’s antics out of your house.

Resourse: http://familiesraisingchickens.com/

Tips When planning your homstead house build – Location is everything!


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