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When You Buy CC-78R2, CC-78R4, CC-78R2H, CC-78R4H, CC-32R2, CC-32R4, OR CC-32R2H

ACC Series Chicken House ( Produced in USA )




Chicken House store .. Urban chicken raising is sweeping across The United States.  Not everybody includes a large yard or acreage to match a sizable Chicken House.  We can present you with a house for the chickens that meets your backyard.
There’s nothing much better than having your own fresh eggs out of your own chickens inside your backyard.  Also, there’s no simpler method to educate your kids where their food originates from.  They’ll love the things they can easily see on their own.  Plus, they’ll learn how to respect the origin that their food originates from while providing them with responsibility.  Your kids can collect the eggs and give them fresh water and food.  It’s a chance to learn which will serve you for a existence time.

( News ) EZPLUCKER & STARPLUCK just became a member of us (chicken processing equipment) see (Processing link above)

Chicken House Timber

All of our Coops are manufactured from quality semi hardwood dried fir. Also, they’re pressure given a water bio friendly preservative to avoid injury to creatures and plants.

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