Solutions to questions regarding my chickens

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Solutions to questions regarding my chickens which brings me great

Christy, I’ve 30 hens and a pair of roosters. I’ve elevated some from chicks coupled with some elevated by their mommas. I really like it when they’re elevated by their mommas….less work from me and it is a pleasure to look at them being trained. I honestly will sit within my cart for approximately 2 hrs sometimes just watching them (mine have the freedom range….I’ve 186 acres and they’ve use of 4 of individuals acres, we’ve cattle and rabbits too). They convey me such pleasure and peace and when they’re hanging out me “trilling” you will find occasions they almost cause me to feel cry. My chickens possess the best existence and the prettiest days……they have only one bad day…..your day they’re going to freezer paradise. My pal required hers to become “processed” and that i went and viewed and nearly died watching someone handle them who didn’t love them. I couldn’t do this for them. I pray and cry (literally) over every chicken I butcher. I get them lightly and speak with them when i walk on them towards the cone. Not have pleasure doing the work however the one factor I understand is that they are now being handled with love and i’m gentle together so that as I lightly turn them upside lower, I’ve literally had them speaking backwards and forwards beside me (it normally won’t know what’s about to take place and I’m fine with this). Only extra roosters and hens that do not lay but a couple of eggs per week visit freezer paradise. The roosters take advantage incredible broth, and something of my hens considered out at 8 lbs. To individuals who say you cannot have them protected, that’s true about the opportunity, but my pen and coop are locked lower with hardware cloth and that i hidden it in the earth about 3 ft out so we have not had ANYTHING enter into the pen or coop. Chicken wire is built to keep chickens from gardens, it won’t keep predators out of your chickens. Merely a low gauge numbered hardware cloth is going to do that. It’s painful to utilize however i fall asleep knowing my women and guys is going to be there each morning. Never imagined I’d be a “chicken lady”…..but I must say I’ve discovered your pet which brings me great pleasure.


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JCruz1054: I don't have chickens but I'm learning and gaining knowledge ��

reelthing4u: you forgot number 21. you got all rosters.

Sarah sims: +reelthing4u roosters furtleise the eggs hens lay the eggs����������������������������������������

Mitchell McCreath: Not really…

PewDieSky: I had a chicken that lived to 12.5 years old she laid until 11 years old

Terry Heaton: PewDieSky Hi. What breed was your hen that lived so long?

Khayre Tyler: I don't even have a farm. I live in the suburbs of NJ, why the hell am i subscribed and watching all these videos….

Maria Rodriguez: Khayre Tyler get 2 hens

Brandon Rudolfs: you guys should get your own honey bees and she can make her own wax. the best honey boxy is the honey flow box.

greatnationnow: So, in your experience, what is the best kind/brand of hive to have?


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