Construct your own chicken house – a tale of chickens –

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Construct your own chicken house - a tale of chickens - In either


I’ve been intending to discuss this publish for more than per month now. I needed to state which i LOVED this coop and merely adopted the images and could result in the coop myself. It’s is made of 4×4 using 4×4’s as legs. Used to do full measurements after i did mine, even creating “plans”. However, my computer restarted before I saved them and that i lost everything. In either case, I’d gladly answer any queries if anybody has them, and maybe even help develop plans. I’ll express it require me to pay a great deal greater than is quoted here, however i still loved building it; I was wishing to include pictures, however i don’t see a method to add pictures towards the comments, but mine arrived on the scene Much like what’s seen. A couple of modifications I made…

1- I did not add some sun roof factor. I’m in Florida also it will get crazy hot here, that appeared enjoy it would only result in the coop hotter.

2 – For the home windows, I merely engrossed in chicken wire to enhance ventilation.

3 – After couple of days of utilizing the coop, the coop still wasn’t ventilating perfectly. I cut the entire top corner from the a-frame out somewhere (over the chicken boxes) and covered it with chicken wire. This improved ventilation tremendously!

4- I added flower beds round the sides to assist prevent creatures from digging under.

Again, I many userful stuff here carrying this out, along with a couple of things If only I’d done slightly differently while building it. I’d gladly share my encounters with anybody attempting to build this coop.

Construct your own chicken house - a tale of chickens - added flower beds round

Upset I can’t show everyone my pictures!



Construct your own chicken house - a tale of chickens - stuff here

A Pallet Roost For Your Chicken House


tabasco14: I have 35 chickens and a 20×20 coup that I close the door of each night with 2 heat lamps and 2 heated water containers as it gets down to below zero here. I use tree limbs all over\nfor them and two old wooden ladders which they love. Also, 12 large egg laying boxes filled with nesting straw. In winter we leave the droppings mixed in with the old nesting straw on the wooden floor to help insulate! I LOVE my chickens. High blood pressure? Go sit and watch them with a pound of cooked spaghetti running around and you will be calm! LOL

TexasPrepper2: I'll have to try the spaghetti !\nLOL

Dusty ole Homestead: That was oddly entertaining…lol…I found myself wanting to see them all go to bed.

Mud Pie Girl 2: Dusty ole Homestead me too!

JM at The Nuthouse: Lol, chickens are fun to watch. Best redneck tv ever! Thanks for sharing TP2! Blessings

Lee Ralph: Good tip!!! I showed this to my wife she thought that it was pretty cool…well I guess I know what my next project is LOL

sharon wilson: This is the most fun I've had in a while! I don't get out much, huh? 🙂 I love watching my girls get situated for the night too! What a de-stressor. \nSide Note: we are finally finishing up our cattle panel greenhouse. Thanks so much for such a great tutorial video. We referred back to it a couple of times. When we went to buy the panels, we taught the guy at Tractor Supply how to efficiently transport them. He always laid it flat up over the cab, lined with cardboard. He thought we were geniuses! Of course we gave you all the credit. Make it a fun week!

R Carpenter-Reed: my husband built our brooder directly over the nest boxes… so convenient…. so much easier to integrate the new birds with the older flock

R Carpenter-Reed: I won't have Rhode Island Reds. Just too darn mean… my favorite breed are the Brahmas… so gentle especially around children. They are a dual purpose bird also

TheTrueabundance: how do they get down in the morning? Jump to the slats in the corner, then jump from there to the floor? Or jump /fly the whole distance from the roost down to the ground? Have they got deep straw/leaves/litter to give them a soft landing? I have buff orpingtons and they don't fly at all, and I've never seen them jump up a distance like yours do!

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